“It’s important to show our support for the brave men and women who serve our country.”

(FALL 2018) — To mark Veteran’s Day and honor veterans and all those currently serving in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces –and their families – this month ARCH Orthodontics is continuing a tradition and offering a courtesy discount of 5% off the cost of an Orthodontic treatment plan.

“We want to salute our National Heroes,” says ARCH’s Dr. Andrew Chase. “Thousands of courageous men and women defend democracy and protect our country. They deserve a healthy and great smile because of what they’ve done or are doing. We know that veterans are problem solvers and civic assets in cities and towns across the country. When we empower an individual by giving him or her a healthy smile, that’s one more person who is more likely to be an outgoing, engaged leader in their community.”

“A healthy America needs healthy citizens,” Dr. Chase adds. “Life is full of things to smile about and Orthodontic treatment is an investment in that smile which will reap benefits for a lifetime. A healthy and attractive smile creates a better impression on the outside that permeates from the inside.”

Dr. Chase says that, in addition to the 5% courtesy discount, ARCH offers everyone a complimentary initial consultation (a $500 value) plus no-interest financing. This year, the practice added ARCH Pediatric Dentistry at its Stoughton location in order to offer coordinated oral care under one roof.

ARCH Orthodontics is among the first practices in its service area to certify that its offices are 100% gluten-free. Among the practice’s offers are: custom-made mouth guards, orthotic devices to relieve sleep apnea and TMJ/neck pain; and a comfortable appliance that can speed alignment, often cutting treatment time by 50%. ARCH offers 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) that makes possible a higher level of diagnosis, treatment and outcomes. All patients have this access should their provider want to utilize the technology.

This month, those currently serving in the military, veterans and members of their immediate families should mention the family member who served or is serving when calling to set up an appointment. For more info, call (781) 209-6776.
– By Stanley Hurwitz / 508-269-0570 / stanhurwitz@gmail.com