What is Brava?

Brava Lingual Braces are an innovative orthodontic treatment that has revolutionized the field of dental care, offering a unique approach to teeth straightening. These braces, developed by BRIUS Orthodontics, are designed to move each tooth independently and simultaneously, providing unparalleled control and clinical precision.

Unlike traditional braces or aligners that are visible when you smile, Brava braces are placed on the back side of your teeth, making them completely invisible to others. This discreet placement, combined with the system’s high efficiency, makes Brava an ideal choice for those seeking effective orthodontic treatment without compromising their appearance.

What sets Brava apart from traditional orthodontic treatments is its focus on individual tooth movement. Traditional braces and aligners shift all teeth at once, which can lead to longer treatment times and less precise results. In contrast, Brava uses flexible NiTi arms that connect each tooth to a rigid bar, allowing each tooth to be moved individually. This innovative technique provides a level of precision that is unmatched in other orthodontic treatments.

How Brava Works

The process of fitting Brava Lingual Braces is a thoughtful and meticulous one. It starts with a comprehensive consultation at our clinic, where our experienced orthodontists will evaluate your teeth structure and discuss your personal goals. If Brava is determined to be the right choice for you, we’ll take a digital scan of your teeth. This scan creates a precise 3D model of your teeth, which is used to design your custom Brava system.

Once the braces are ready, they are carefully fitted on the lingual (back) side of your teeth. The braces consist of Independent Movers™, which are connected to a rigid bar using flexible NiTi arms. These arms, made from a flexible yet durable nickel-titanium alloy, allow each tooth to move independently. This individual tooth movement provides greater control over the treatment process and results in more accurate alignment.

Throughout your treatment, the braces apply gentle, consistent pressure to each tooth, gradually shifting them into their desired positions. Regular check-ups are scheduled every four to six weeks to monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments.

The Brava system’s unique design and materials, including a lightweight shape memory alloy originally invented for NASA’s space program, set it apart from traditional braces and aligners. This advanced technology allows us to provide more efficient and comfortable treatment than ever before.

Benefits of Brava

Choosing Brava Lingual Braces for your orthodontic treatment offers numerous benefits:

Discreet Treatment

One of the main advantages of Brava braces is their discreet nature. Since they are placed behind your teeth, they are completely invisible to others. You can smile confidently throughout your treatment, knowing that your braces are not visible.

Customized Treatment

Each Brava system is custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly. This ensures that the braces are comfortable to wear and that the treatment is as effective as possible. Your custom braces are designed to move your teeth in the most efficient way, reducing treatment time and improving results.

Independent Tooth Movement

Brava’s unique design allows each tooth to move independently. This offers greater control over the treatment process and can lead to more precise results. With Brava, we can fine-tune your smile to perfection.

Shortened Treatment Times

Thanks to the simultaneous movement of each tooth, treatment times with Brava can be significantly shorter than with traditional braces or aligners. This means you can achieve your dream smile sooner than you might think.

Improved Oral Health

Straightening your teeth with Brava can also improve your oral health. Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean, reducing the risk of decay and gum disease. Furthermore, correcting bite issues can prevent jaw problems and reduce wear on your teeth.

Brava FAQ