Braces can be a pain to deal with, and it is the most exciting moment when you get to take them off. However, once you have them removed,  that doesn’t mean your journey to straighter teeth stops there. Any patient who has received orthodontic treatment needs to wear a retainer. Teeth are always on the move. They never stop shifting for many reasons: as you grow, your jaw changes shape, eating and chewing can affect your jaw and teeth, and braces place your teeth in an unnatural position which leads to your teeth trying to shift back. Retainers are there to help prevent your teeth from shifting back. It is very important for patients to wear a retainer; continue reading to learn about the benefits.

What are the different types of retainers?

There are two types of retainers: permanent and removable. Permanent retainers, such as fixed lingual retainers, are bonded to the back of your teeth to keep them from shifting. Fixed retainers can benefit those who constantly forget to put their retainers back in. However, they can be harder to clean and break with constant wear. It is essential to clean your permanent retainer to avoid dental issues and be mindful of any hard foods you may eat.

Removable retainers, such as wire and clear plastic retainers, are the most popular types. Both are prescribed for upper and lower teeth; wire retainers utilize a thin wire that lays across your teeth, whereas clear plastic retainers resemble Invisalign aligners. Removable retainers are easier to clean than permanent versions. Although clear retainers have a shorter lifespan than wire types, they are the most preferred because they are virtually invisible.

What are the benefits of retainers?

Along with preventing shifting, your retainers stabilize your bite over time. Since your teeth are not used to their new position, your retainers help keep them in place and lessen the likelihood of them shifting back. Retainers can also help with speech impediments. They adjust the placement of the tongue, which could lead to proper speech. This can also help with snoring or loud breathing. Braces are mainly worn among pre-teens and teenagers whose teeth haven’t fully developed. Therefore, retainers are used to prevent crowding when their wisdom teeth come in. Retainers have many benefits, and with consistent use, patients will maintain their beautiful smiles.

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