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Introducing Brava at Our Family Orthodontic Office

Straight teeth will not only boost your confidence, but they can also have a positive impact on your overall health. If you require teeth-straightening treatment, traditional metal braces may not be your first choice; metal braces aren’t aesthetically pleasing and can cause frustration and discomfort.

Arch Orthodontics is happy to provide Brava–a hidden, teeth-straightening method that moves your teeth independently. Whether you are seeking orthodontic care for yourself or your children, our team at Arch Orthodontics will work with you to provide the best solution for a beautiful smile! 

The Benefits of Independent Tooth Movement

Brava are not braces or aligners. They are independent movers.

Brava is a fantastic method that moves teeth independently and simultaneously using Brava software with AI. The pre-programmed biomechanics used in this method finds the most efficient path to direct each tooth to its ideal position.

Brava is Always Active: The Brava method applies continuous, gentle force 24/7. This approach means shorter treatment time and fewer appointments!

Brava is Hidden: Brava is the more aesthetically pleasing teeth-straightening option as it is placed on the back of your teeth. This allows you to move your teeth to your ideal smile secretly.

Brava Will Adjust, and So Will You: Like any orthodontic treatment, it may take some time to get used to the new device. Adjustment time is typically between 1-2 weeks. 


Ready to Take the Steps for Your Ideal Smile?

If Brava seems like the perfect teeth-straightening option for you, contact Arch Orthodontics to book your appointment today!

Brava is a great method to straighten your teeth without visible braces. Traditional metal braces can be uncomfortable with more restrictions and a less aesthetically pleasing setup. Avoid frequent orthodontist visits and hassle with wires and brackets by choosing Brava at Arch Orthodontics!

Our team is dedicated to serving communities in need of orthodontic services. We provide a reliable source of specialists that treat each and every patient with the highest level of care. Arch Orthodontics is dedicated to being the best local orthodontic and pediatric group practice and ensuring each patient has a fantastic experience with us. Contact us today! 

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