Traditional metal braces may have had a bad rap in the past. But all that has changed. Sure, alternatives exist, but there are still many solid reasons why traditional metal braces are an excellent choice.

Metallic braces can simply do things that other braces can’t. But why should I choose traditional metal braces over clear plastic braces? What are the extra benefits that I can get?

Join us as we explore the top five benefits of traditional metal braces.

1. Strong and Durable

Traditional metal braces are strong and durable. They’re made from stainless steel. Tiny brackets are attached to your teeth, and then an archwire attaches to the brackets.

The archwire is adjusted from time to time to gradually move your teeth into the correct position. These metal brackets braces are the most common type of metal braces.

Sometimes, your dentist may recommend fitting metal bands for braces to one of your back teeth. These bands are very strong and help to keep the brace in place.

The main alternative to traditional metal teeth braces is clear plastic braces. These have become very popular in recent years. However, in terms of strength, they cannot match metallic braces.

Typically, most patients have to wear braces between 12-36 months to achieve the desired results. One set of traditional metal braces will be enough to last the entire treatment. You will only need to come in for adjustments, not for new braces fitting.

2. Variety of Uses

Clear plastic braces can be a great option for correcting minor issues. They can straighten teeth effectively in many straightforward cases.

The benefit of metal braces is that they can straighten teeth and so much more. Your dentist can use them to correct serious issues with your teeth. These include:

  • jaw misalignment problems affecting your bite
    overcrowded teeth
    gaps between teeth
    protruding teeth (overbite and overjet)
    upper front teeth set behind lower front teeth (underbite)

Correcting these issues will not just straighten your teeth and give you a more symmetrical smile. It can also improve your speech and how comfortable it is for you to eat.

Fitting metal bands for braces to molar teeth also allows the dentist to attach additional parts. The dentist can use these to close large gaps between teeth, and also to correct jaw alignment issues.

Suitable for All Ages

We tend to associate metal braces with young people. The ideal age to have them is between 10 to 14 when the adult teeth are in place. The head and the mouth are still growing, so it is easier to correct alignment issues at this stage.

However, metal braces are also an effective treatment for adults. Around one in five orthodontic patients is now over 18. Wearing braces at this age can benefit your overall oral health.

Poorly aligned teeth are more difficult to keep clean. A bad bite can make chewing and swallowing less comfortable. Metal teeth braces can correct these issues and give you greater comfort and confidence.

3. Convenience

Treatment with metal braces typically takes around one to three years. During this time you will have to make regular trips to the dentist’s office for adjustments.

But apart from keeping them clean, there is nothing for you to do!

Metallic braces are non-removable. That means there is no chance of breaking them or mislaying them. You also can’t forget to wear them!

This makes them great for young people. They may rely on you to constantly remind them to wear their braces if you opt for removable ones. With metallic braces, you know that they are quietly doing their job 24/7.

4. Improve Your Oral Health

When our teeth are out of alignment, it can cause knock-on effects for the rest of our body.

Our teeth are the first part of our digestive system. If we struggle to bite and chew our food successfully, it means more work for the stomach and intestines.

If our teeth are misaligned, there are lots of nooks and crannies. These are the perfect hiding places for little bits of food. Plaque can also develop more easily.

Even with brushing and flossing, it can be hard to remove these food fragments. If left untreated, these issues can cause gum disease. More bacteria in the mouth is also bad for your health in general.

Teeth that are crowded can also cause wear to each other. This can lead to teeth decaying more easily. Bacteria accumulating in these areas can spread down the root of the tooth and affect the jawbone.

It’s clear to see – having misaligned or overcrowded teeth can lead to a whole host of health problems.

Traditional metal braces are the ideal solution. They don’t just straighten teeth, but space them more evenly, close up gaps, and correct bite issues. They can prevent you from needing more complicated procedures in the future.

They set you up for better oral health – and general health – in the long run.

5. Affordable

Traditional metal braces are a tried and true method.

They correct a range of medical issues and thus are both a restorative and cosmetic procedure. Consequently, your insurance company may contribute toward the cost of this important treatment.

Even if your insurance company does not cover all the costs, metal braces still cost less than alternative options. They are fitted in one sitting and you will only have to visit the dentist’s office for adjustments.

The exact difference between the cost of traditional metal braces and clear plastic braces depends on the length of the treatment. Talk to your dentist about the pros and cons of each procedure, and which one is best for your needs.

Get Your Traditional Metal Braces Today!

As we’ve seen, traditional metal braces are an excellent choice. And they’re not just for teens. With more discreet styles available than ever, they’re the ideal choice for a smile makeover at any age.

At Arch Orthodontics, we have years of experience treating patients with traditional metal braces. We also offer a wide range of alternative treatments.