Our goal is to ensure that your orthodontic journey is fulfilling and successful in every way possible. While you play an incredibly important role in your success with excellent brushing, flossing, and if directed, elastic wear, much of that fulfillment is based upon ARCH’s ability to provide outstanding care for you. We do this by creating personalized treatment plans, utilizing the latest technology, and ensuring that our doctors and team members are constantly learning and participating in continuing education courses.

We must also make sure that our facilities offer optimal space for your care. In that regard, we want to let you know that we merged our Stoughton office and operations into our Canton office, which is located at 800 Washington Street across from the Town Hall and Library.

NOTE: Any appointments currently booked will most likely be on the same day and time, but will occur in the Canton office instead of Stoughton.

The Canton office space is larger and offers more room for us to provide excellent treatment for you. We are excited about this move and hope that you will see and experience an improvement in your overall care. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will work to get any potential personal concerns addressed.

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment and continuing to create the SMILE of your dreams.