Remote Orthodontic Treatment

And Now: Remote Orthodontic treatment!
Saves Time, Improves Outcomes, Cuts Office Visits

lisa(Issued Fall/Winter 2019) – For years, 51-year-old Lisa Spencer of EAch Harwich, Mass. was concerned about her crowded teeth for cleaning, dental care issues, and aesthetics. She says, “It was challenging to floss. I finally decided to have my teeth straightened when I had gum work and wanted to get my teeth in the best condition for future care.”

Lisa recalls, “I was self-conscious about getting braces and visiting an orthodontic office without a teen in tow. ARCH Orthodontics offers several forms of braces but the Invisalign system with remote Dental Monitoring (DM) fi my needs and lifestyle. Nobody realizes that I have aligners. It’s amazing to see how quickly my teeth are being corrected and the wonderful support I’ve received.” (Photo: List – about halfway through her treatment plan)

ARCH’s Dr. Andrew Chase says, “With DM, a 3D model with photos and measurements enables the Orthodontist to track aligner process. It doesn’t do it by itself! The doctor’s weekly review ensures the highest level of efficiency and success unlike Do-It-Yourself/Direct-To-Consumer plans — where the illusion exists that someone is committed to safe and healthy progress. With them, nobody tracks success or has any level of awareness around periodontal (bone and gum) health or lack thereof. Without immediate follow-up, the patient is at a very high risk for extreme harm including tooth loss and more. Patients require face-to-face contact with their doctor to ensure prompt action so if abnormal clinical events occur.”

At her initial meeting with Dr. Chase, Lisa learned about DM technology that lets patients reduce the number of office visits while allowing the Orthodontist to better track teeth movement, hasten progress, and bring higher quality results. Remote monitoring is designed for people with busy schedules like Lisa who juggles time with her family, grandchildren, two dogs, marathon training, and a sales job with unconventional hours and consistently changing workloads and deadlines.

Lisa says, “Once a week, you place your phone in the scan box and follow prompts to take photos of your teeth with and without aligners. It only takes a few minutes to scan and send photos for review. Then I get an email showing my progress and advising when to switch to the next aligner and any possible issues. I visit the ARCH office much less frequently than most patients, just to get new aligners. They would have e come in immediately if they noticed any issues. That would also save treatment time because the issue would be addressed sooner than if I wasn’t being monitored weekly. It’s a win-win!

She says, “Dr. Chase is knowledgeable and conscientious. He takes his time to review and explain your treatment and to address concerns. And Certified Orthodontic Assistant Wendy is fabulous checking on my progress and care. The ARCH staff is attentive and helpful, making me feel like I’m the only and best patient they have. Of course, I think I’m their favorite! I’m impressed with the individualized care. When I have specific issues with my gums and medications, ARCH follows up with my dentist and periodontist.” Lisa’s total treatment time will be 9-10 months. Dr. Chase emphasizes that Dental Monitoring should never be confused with Do-It-Yourself (DIY or DTC) treatments: “Your orthodontist must remain in total control and oversight. Changing teeth positions is serious business.”

As a special incentive, for new braces patients who start Direct Monitoring between now and December 31, ARCH is waiving the DM technology fee. ARCH operates nine offices between Boston and Orleans (and Hyannis on the Cape), treating patients from 4 to 84+. The practice offers free consultation and interest-free financing. Courtesy discounts are offered to those in the military and their families and veterans, and to municipal employees and their families in towns served by the practice. For more info, contact: or call us at 781-209-6776.

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