(Issued Winter 2018)  — To celebrate Valentine’s Day, ARCH Orthodontics is making a special ‘Double the Love, Double the Courtesy’ offer in which both new patients will receive a 5% family courtesy discount when they start treatment with braces or Invisalign before March 30th. 

“Often around Valentine’s Day, people are inspired to consider improving their smile, finally taking care of tooth and smile issues they delayed for years,” says Dr. Andrew Chase who heads the 9-office practice that stretches from Boston to Cape Cod. “In addition to improving one’s looks and building self-esteem, better alignment helps improve oral hygiene and prevents gum disease.” Patients range in age from 4 to 84.

ARCH employs braces in a wide range of types and materials, customized to meet every patient’s needs. In recent years, ARCH introduced state-of-the-art technologies that are simpler, more comfortable, can reduce time in braces  – and are often less expensive. One technology is AcceleDent Optima that uses micropulses to complement conventional treatment, speeding treatment time, and reducing discomfort with only 20 minutes of use per day. “Patients starting treatment are able to have stunning smiles in time for their wedding, even in just 6 – 8 months,” smiles Dr. Chase.

ARCH also helps patients with sleep apnea. Although the most common therapy is via CPAP (pronounced see-pap), Dr. Chase says, “Many patients may benefit from a simpler, less expensive, more comfortable treatment: a dental orthotic appliance — a custom mouth guard that holds the jaw in a forward position, decreasing the likelihood of the tongue blocking the airway. The result is better sleep.”

ARCH has completed a comprehensive study and determined it is among the first practices in its service area to certify that all its materials and equipment are gluten-free. And recently, ARCH added Pediatric Dentistry to its offerings.

To make an appointment at one of ARCH’s offices, call (781) 209-6776. ARCH offers free initial consultation (a $500 value), and interest-free financing. Veterans and members of the military and their families receive a courtesy discount. 

–  By Stanley Hurwitz /   (508) 269-0570  /   stanhurwitz@gmail.com