Where it All Started

We may have moved from the original Stoughton office location since it first opened, but this stylish office has charm, character, and added convenience thanks to our in-house pediatric dental specialist. Located around the corner from Stoughton Center on Walnut Avenue alongside Faxon Park, this location was where ARCH Orthodontics first got its name, thanks to Dr. Chavez and Dr. Chase. A for Andrew, R for Robert, Ch for Chavez, and Chase!

This lovely Victorian-esque house on a sleepy Stoughton street is complete with soothing earth tones to set the atmosphere in the comfortable waiting area. The office is also well equipped with digital radiography and photography for diagnostic purposes and the most modern, compliant sterilization equipment.

Come see where it all started (and continues to grow) in our stately Stoughton office!

Invisalign Services in Stoughton, MA

Arch Orthodontics is a certified Invisalign Elite Preferred Provider with extensive experience adjusting our patients’ teeth with excellent results. For those who do not want traditional braces, we offer an alternative option: Invisalign. Invisalign is considered “clear braces”, a nearly invisible method of creating a straight smile. This method has grown in popularity because it allows you to eat whatever you like without fear of breaking a bracket. It is just as effective as metal braces, with more flexibility and freedom. If Invisalign sounds like a great option to you, contact Arch Orthodontics for an appointment!

Metal Braces in Stoughton, MAtraditional metal braces

Although Invisalign is gaining popularity, traditional braces remain the most common and most effective orthodontic treatment method. Arch Orthodontics can provide metal braces that are more comfortable than their predecessors. Metal brackets are attached and fitted to the surface of your teeth to correct misalignments. This method can be more durable and affordable than other options. Patients can also add colorful elastics over their brackets to give their smiles a personalized style! 

Brava by Brius in Stoughton, MA

Arch Orthodontics is happy to provide Brava–a hidden, teeth straightening method that moves your teeth individually. This method finds the most efficient path to direct each tooth to its ideal position using Brava software with AI. The best part–it’s hidden! Choose Brava for a more aesthetically pleasing teeth-straightening option that traditional braces do not offer. Since the Brava method works 24/7, treatment time is shorter, and you will have fewer appointments! For more information, contact Arch Orthodontics!

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If our Stoughton location is the most convenient, contact us today! ARCH is a community built upon collaborations between doctors, staff, and the people we serve. We are committed to providing respectful and supportive environments. Give us a call or email at

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