Cutting-Edge Meets Classic Cape Cod

Set less than a half-mile from the Hyannis airport, this Cape house has served as the primary venue to improve Cape Cod smiles for well over 40 years. ARCH has continued this tradition while improving treatment methods and technology since acquiring the practice in January of 2012. Updates include the introduction of digital x-rays and photographs, along with advanced sterilization techniques.

The state-of-the-art touches are evident throughout the office with a modernized look and open-bay orthodontic concept with hardwood floors. Guests entering through the on-site parking lot at the rear of the building are greeted by a greenhouse vestibule, leading to our cozy waiting room and friendly scheduling coordinator. A classic Cape Cod essence is maintained throughout the interior design and finishes. We welcome you with open arms to this progressively vintage practice.

Traditional Metal Braces in Hyannis, MA

Arch Orthodontics offers traditional metal braces to our patients in the Hyannis office. Metal braces are the most common teeth-straightening method and are proven very effective time and time again. We use high-grade stainless steel brackets, which are durable and less likely to break. Metal braces can be the most affordable option in orthodontic treatment since they are a bit more permanent. They are adjustable as your teeth shift and can be more comfortable than clear braces.

Invisalign in Hyannis, MAAdult using Invisalign

Arch Orthodontics offers Invisalign to our patients in the Hyannis office. Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners to adjust your teeth. They are metal-free and removable, so it is easier to eat, brush your teeth, and floss. Invisalign is a great option for those worried about the aesthetics of metal braces. Since they are clear, they are hardly noticeable. Patients are able to straighten their teeth without the look and effort of metal braces–a popular choice for our adult patients. 

AcceleDent in Hyannis, MA

Arch Orthodontics is an exclusive AcceleDent NOW provider. Patients can enjoy a no-risk, 60-day trial to experience the benefits of this treatment. AcceleDent is a unique device that patients can use to speed up teeth adjustment in the comfort of their homes. For 20 minutes a day, patients place the mouthpiece between their teeth while an activator generates subtle micro pulses, accelerating the movement of their teeth. 

Contact Arch Orthodontics in Hyannis, MA

If our Hyannis location is the most convenient area for you, contact us today! ARCH is a community built upon collaborations between doctors, staff, and the people we serve. We are committed to providing respectful and supportive environments for our team and patients alike. Give us a call or email us directly at smilemaker@archorthodontics.com.

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