Convenient For Kids and Parents

The Bridgewater location was the third member of the ARCH Orthodontics family. We are a Top Invisalign Provider of the South Shore and offer flexible hours & financing. We are excited to have had a complete renovation to this location in 2023.

This office is ultra kid-friendly as it’s located 3 doors down from the Williams Intermediate School, so our younger patients and pop in for an appointment all on their own. And if parents aren’t able to make it to the visit, we will happily let patients wait in the office until you can join them, or we can just put them to work if you prefer.

Invisalign Services in Bridgewater, MA

Our Bridgewater location offers Invisalign for our patients. Arch Orthodontics is a certified Invisalign Elite Preferred Provider with extensive experience adjusting our patients’ teeth with excellent results. An alternative option to braces, Invisalign is considered “clear braces”, a nearly invisible method of creating a straight smile. This method allows you to eat whatever you like without fear of breaking a bracket or easily brush your teeth without difficulty. If Invisalign sounds like a great option to you, contact Arch Orthodontics for an appointment!

Metal Braces Services in Bridgewater, MA

Traditional braces are still the most common and most effective orthodontic treatment method. With better quality materials and experience, Arch Orthodontics can provide metal braces that are more comfortable than their predecessors.  Metal brackets are attached and fitted to the surface of your teeth to correct misalignments. This method can be more durable and affordable than other options. Patients can also add colorful elastics over their brackets to give their smile a personalized style! 

Brius Lingual Braces in Bridgewater, MA

Arch Orthodontics provides hidden braces to our patients. Hidden braces effectively straighten your teeth in a more aesthetically pleasing way. For those conscious about the look of braces, lingual braces are virtually undetectable; our team at Arch Orthodontics discreetly attaches metal braces to the back of your teeth to achieve the perfect smile. Our BRIUS orthodontic treatment moves each tooth independently, which speeds up results and requires fewer office visits. 

Contact Arch Orthodontics in Bridgewater, MA

If our Bridgewater location is the most convenient area for you, contact us today! ARCH is a community built upon collaborations between doctors, staff, and the people we serve. We are committed to providing respectful and supportive environments for our team and patients alike. Give us a call or email us directly at

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