Causes of Crooked Teeth

Teeth that are crooked or misaligned are common among both kids and adults. You can have your teeth corrected if you’re not satisfied with how they appear or if they are interfering with your health or speaking ability.

Continue reading to learn about the common causes of crooked or misaligned teeth.

Natural Age-Related Changes

Our bites frequently deepen as we age, and our teeth shift naturally, causing crooked teeth. Because of this, it’s essential to continue getting the results you want after getting braces or Invisalign to use a retainer. You will eventually have a recurrence if you neglect to wear your retainer. Even if you previously didn’t require braces or Invisalign, you might discover that your teeth shift as you age.


This is usually one of the common causes of crooked teeth. You could have misaligned teeth if either one of your parents do. While oral habits may occasionally contribute to or exacerbate certain malocclusions, the size or positioning of the jaw is frequently to blame. Genetics determines the proportions of our mouths and teeth, yet these dimensions often differ.

We might, for instance, inherit a smaller jaw from our mother’s side and larger teeth from our father’s side, causing excessive crowding. Or, if the contrary occurs and we get tinier teeth with broader jaws, we will have excessive spacing.

Poor nutrition

Poor nutrition, particularly in youngsters, can result in chronic problems such as dental problems and poor dental growth, which could eventually cause crooked teeth.

Missing permanent teeth not being replaced

It’s crucial to replace a missing permanent tooth with a dental implant or a treatment like a dental bridge if you lose it due to periodontitis, severe decay, an accident, or a medical condition. This is because your remaining teeth will slide into the empty area left by a lost permanent tooth if it is not replaced. This will alter your bite, which may eventually cause crooked teeth.