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The entire ARCH Orthodontics team is dedicated to providing the highest level of care, through extensive training and continuing education. Many of our skilled assistants work hard to achieve and maintain Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) certifications, going a step beyond what’s currently required by the state. We also provide the means for all of our team members to achieve and surpass the state’s minimum continuing education requirements to ensure expertise in the field, and the best care available to each and every patient.

Your Team in Hyannis & Orleans

Christine L.

Christine is the Scheduling Coordinator for the Cape and also manages all payments made to patient accounts. She joined ARCH in Nov. 2010 and loves working with a great team. She loves to see patients smile transformations from start to finish. A lot of her work involves handling insurance, following up with families that have insurance questions and concerns, and managing the daily schedules for the Cape offices. Christine loves to get to know the patients on a personal level. When she is not at work, Christine loves to spend time with her son and family. She loves the outdoors, fishing, camping, and new adventures.

Wendy P.

Wendy is a certified orthodontic assistant, and brings nearly three decades of experience to ARCH. She’s a valuable member of the ARCH marketing team, handling the Cape territory. “I love my team members and working with our patients,” she says. “It’s wonderful to see their completed treatment, with their beautiful smiles and knowing I was a part of that.” Wendy also enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband, Adrian. In her spare time, she likes to read, garden, and go horseback riding.

Your Team in Stoughton, Canton & Randolph


Tatyana is an orthodontic assistant here at ARCH! The dental field most certainly chose her and she couldn’t be happier. When Tatyana is not doing what she loves, helping patients achieve the smile of their dreams, she enjoys exploring new restaurants in the city, traveling, and shopping. “I really appreciate that ARCH encourages me to exceed my career path.”


Rebecca is a records technician in our Randolph and Brockton offices. She loves interacting with patients and being silly with them when asking them to pose for pictures and xrays. Outside of work Rebecca likes hanging out with her boyfriend and their fur baby kitten Ras, and binge watching shows on netflix.


Karla has experience as a foreign dentist. She is a certified Dental and Orthodontic assistant and has a Massachusetts license for dental assisting. Karla helps with Spanish speaking patients. “I love doing my job every day, creating beautiful and healthy smiles, making patients feel safe when they smile, when they achieve the smile of their dreams, it is amazing how a smile can transform our lives.” When she is not at work Karla enjoys singing, although she does not have the ability to sing, and also does it at work. Karla stays in shape, training and doing yoga and loves spending time dancing with her daughter, Kamila. She also enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

Cheryl G.

Cheryl is a certified dental assistant and a graduate of CCRI. She has been with ARCH since 2006, and loves interacting with kids daily and making them smile. As an orthodontic assistant, she enjoys seeing patients in several different offices. With her daughter, who is an accomplished horseback rider, they enjoy a menagerie of pets from chickens to fish within a caring environment. We are blessed with her experience and calm manner in the care she gives delightfully at chair side.

Ashley R.

Ashley came to ARCH Orthodontics in 2016. As a scheduling coordinator, she assists with setting up appointments, confirmations and changes, and also assists with Spanish speaking patients. She loves that the practice really cares about each individual patient and their well being, and loves seeing the smile on their faces when they are happy with their teeth and their smile. A mother of four, she loves to travel and explore new places and restaurants, being outdoors and hitting the beach and anything fun.

Kaitlyn M.

Kaitlyn is a records assistant at ARCH, and received her education at Lincoln Technical Institute. She loves learning new things as she works to keep our patients comfortable and happy. “I enjoy doing my job every day,” she says. “[ARCH puts] patients first always, and [treats] employees fairly and with complete respect! It’s great when everyone can have fun.” She is meticulous and so gentle, which is so important with the careful records that are needed to help with the doctors’ diagnosis and discussion.

Cari P.

Cari is an orthodontic assistant, and a graduate of Southeastern Technical Institute.  She loves “being able to see the patients so frequently and really getting to know them – watching people transform from appointment to appointment.” Cari is also a mom, and enjoys spending free time with her son. When she came to ARCH she realized her smile was not as perfect as could be. Not to worry! She decided to have treatment at ARCH and is smiling about it now. “Nothing could have been better for me to know how it feels then to experience it myself. I have been giving everyone on our team the inside look – our patients have benefited from my treatment.  We all are so gentle”

Amanda W.

Amanda started as a scheduling coordinator in our Bridgewater office before stepping up her current treatment coordinator role. “No matter the day, or how long I’ve been doing this job, I am always learning new things!” she says. “The care, concern, and compassion that is shown for all patients is what makes ARCH great, and that is shown by the practice having been around for 41 years. We have children and grandchildren of original patients in treatment. It’s a family affair!” Outside of the office, Amanda is the cheerleading coordinator for her local Pop Warner organization, the Sakonnet Schooners. Like so many people at ARCH, giving back to the community in the form of volunteerism is a natural extension of the caregiving – central to the ARCH way. She also enjoys spending time with her goddaughters, going to concerts, shopping, and watching the Patriots play!


Julia is an orthodontic clinician. Julia loves working at Arch because it is a wonderful place to work & it is a great environment for both employees & patients! She also loves Marylou’s coffee & the beach!

Ashleigh C.

Ashleigh is a Treatment Coordinator in our Stoughton and Canton ARCH Orthodontics locations, where she welcomes new patients into the practice. “I started as a patient of ARCH and I jumped at the opportunity to become an employee” she says. “I love helping people take the first step in creating the smile they’ve always wanted!” Ashleigh loves spending her free time with her dog, family and friends. She is also a fan of real life documentaries, good food and the beach.

Your Team in Hyde Park & Westwood

Belkys B.

Belkys is an orthodontic assistant and Team Manager in our Hyde Park and Westwood, MA locations. She attended the Bryman Institute in Brookline for dental assisting, and has been assisting since 1999. She has since received additional training in Invisalign, management, CPR, and radiology. “I love everything about my job,” Belkys says. “We are a practice of 40+ people, and everyone here is like my family. It makes us happy to make this practice better every day.” Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Leon, and two young daughters, Camila and Cecilia.

Angelena C.

Angelena is a Certified Orthodontic Assistant, CPR Certified, Radiology Certified, and has her Massachusetts state license for dental assisting.  She is also a graduate of Massasoit Community College. She has been with ARCH since 2011. “ARCH is a family company,” she says. “My aunt used to work here. Now, my cousin Brytnie and I both work here, and we love it!” When she’s not at work, Angelena is a “crazy cat lady” and loves spending time with her two kitties. When it comes to personality, Angelena is the “boss” and always has fun when working with her patients. You’ll be quite impressed with her singing abilities, and don’t be surprised if she tries to get you to sing with her!!!

Liz C.

Liz is a certified orthodontic assistant at our Hyde park and Westwood offices. She grew up in South Boston and studied dental assisting at Massasoit Community College. Liz was drawn to Orthodontics from a young age, after having gone through treatment herself. She loves being a part of each patient’s treatment and seeing how happy they are with the end result. In her spare time, Liz enjoys going to the beach, hiking, playing sports, and reading.


Kelsey is an assistant here at ARCH! She is an optimistic free spirit who is always ready for an adventure. Kelsey lives in Boston with her kitty and plants. Some of her favorite activities include going to concerts, being outside in nature, doing yoga, and creating SMILES!

Amanda D.

Amanda is a Treatment Coordinator in the Westwood location guiding new patients on their journey to a healthy and beautiful smile that will last a lifetime! “A smile is the first thing people will notice and the last thing they remember, why not make it one you’ll love forever” she says. “ARCH is an incredible family to be a part of and the reward speaks for itself when patients are smiling from ear to ear the day the braces come off “. Amanda enjoys spending a lot of time hanging out with friends and watching new series, but the adventure to the unknown outdoors is always exciting!


Leslie is the patient ambassador for the Hyde Park and Westwood offices. She loves cooking and going on hikes with her friends and family. Leslie is very happy to be part of the Arch team!

Your Team in Bridgewater

Hannah D.

Hannah worked in General Dentistry before coming to Arch. She said “General dentistry taught me a lot about how to maintain and keep everything clean which also is important when we talk about a healthy and beautiful smile. But I want to make people feel confident when they smile, which is why I switched to orthodontics”. In the past year Arch Orthodontics has become her second family. In Hannah’s free time she likes to explore the outdoors and has recently got into photography and even taken up rollerblading! She loves spending time with her family and friends, and loves making new ones!

Naomi M

Naomi is a certified orthodontic assistant, and graduated from Southeastern Tech in 1997. She loves meeting new patients and “watching them grow into adults with beautiful smiles!” She is also a mom, with three boys, and enjoys traveling and shopping in her spare time.  An accomplished dancer and experienced mom, she keeps in ship shape, all while making sure your smile is something to rave about!

Jessica K.

Jessica has been with ARCH since 2012 as an orthodontic clinician and primarily works in the Bridgewater office. Jessica had her braces done by Dr. Chavez and Dr. Chase in the Stoughton office. “I remember feeling so self conscious of my smile but after having treatment and seeing how much it changed my life I knew I wanted to be in the dental field. ARCH has become my family and being able to create beautiful smiles and relationships with our patients has been so incredibly fulfilling.”

Briana N.

Briana is a records assistant in our Bridgewater, MA office, where she takes x-rays and photos for patients. “I love my coworkers and doctors,” she says. “Everyone is so friendly and makes every day at ARCH fun.” Briana likes spending her free time with family and friends. She is also a fan of binge-watching TV shows, drawing, and reading.

Emilia P.

Emilia is a records clinician here at Arch. She loves connecting with the patients and helping them achieve the smile of their dreams! When not at work Emilia enjoys spending time with her children and many pets. “Can’t wait to see you at the office!”

Jenn F.

Jenn is our trusted marketing director and a treatment coordinator. She’s a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with many years of training on our team and in dentistry as a whole. She enjoys tackling marketing jobs, planning special events, helping with patient exams, and getting patients on the right path to orthodontic success. Jenn enjoys traveling to all ARCH locations, helping make a difference in the lives of our patients. Outside of the office, she’s also used to being on the move as a Zumba instructor and caring for her two sons.

Your ARCH Business Team

Lucy C.

Lucy is the chief operations officer at ARCH. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in international business from Suffolk University, and has been with ARCH for almost 20 years. While you may be surprised when you enjoy her youthfulness, make no mistake her hard nosed and professional attitude is what is needed to be the chief here in the practice. Starting in high school Lucy educated herself through years of classes – we were overjoyed when she decided to select ARCH as her company. We are blessed with her at the helm because she brings decades of hard work with the soft firmness of a mom to the operations here at ARCH. She is responsible for business operations at each of our locations, and loves being able to see patients’ smiles when they reach the end of their treatment, and knowing that “we are truly making people’s lives better.” Lucy enjoys spending her time outside of work with family, including her two great kids.

Ana F.

Ana the Financial Team Manager and as well as a financial coordinator and a graduate of Bridgewater State University. She joined the ARCH team in June 2011, and works closely with families to help them through the payment process. “ARCH is unique from other orthodontic offices because we are a family,” she says, “and we try to make all our patients feel like a part of our family.” We see another example of someone who has been given the freedom to express themselves according to our core values. This position is a very difficult, often involving the most delicate diplomatic behavior. No one is more compassionate and understanding of the problems that financial situations can create. It is her intelligence and compassion that allows her to lead her department as well as work with our patients when the need arises. Outside the office, she spends time with her family and friends, including her two children, Zoe and Zion.  She also enjoys traveling and working on DIY projects.

Brytnie J.

Brytnie is an executive assistant, and joined our practice in July 2013. She loves working with the doctors and team at ARCH: “The people who work here make it unique by really caring about our patients and each other.” Outside the office, Brytnie enjoys reading and hanging out with friends. As a “family member,” the niece of our third hire Lauren S. some 36 years ago, Brytnie brings a warmth and welcome to her receptionist position. As a valued member of our team she trains new members for her most valuable position: The beautiful face of ARCH when you first enter the office.


Dulce came to ARCH in June 2016 and started as a Treatment Coordinator at our Brockton location presenting patients with treatment plans and financial options. Dulce now works in the Financial Department as our MH Insurance Coordinator working  directly with MH on all submittals and ensuring all claims are processed and paid. Dulce attended Endicott College and came to ARCH after working in the legal field for about 20 years. She has 3 boys and 2 grandchildren.


Josi is a vital member of our team not just because of of her skills as a scheduling coordinator, but also because she’s always willing to jump in and assist with any patients who are not necessarily fluent in English. A graduate of Bunker Hill Community College’s Medical Interpreting program, Josi assists with scheduling appointments, phone calls, and an endless mountain of paperwork. She loves getting to know the patients, and especially loves seeing patient’s smiles when they get their braces removed.

Melissa C.

Melissa is a treatment coordinator and Team Manager, and jokes that she is a proud graduate of the “ARCH Institute of Orthodontics.” She helps to guide new patients through the treatment process, explaining plans, and creating appropriate financial options. “ARCH is not just a practice, but also a family,” she says. She loves being part of an amazing team, creating healthy and beautiful smiles, and seeing the positive impact we have on patients’ lives. Melissa likes to spend free time with her family and friends, and also enjoys baking – especially cupcakes!  

Jenifer O.

Jenifer is a Certified Dental Assistant and a graduate of the Dental Assisting Program at Massasoit Community College. Her favorite thing about working at Arch is “How everyone goes about and beyond to help each other and patients.” She has a daughter named Kylee, and enjoys spending her free time doing outdoor activities and reading.


Gabrielle works in the Call Center in our Stoughton, MA location, where she books appointments and helps patients with numerous tasks. “My favorite thing about working at ARCH is the way my co-workers love and care for each other and our patients.” Gabrielle enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music and camping during the summer. She also enjoys traveling and eating out at new restaurants.

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