Wedding Smile Makeover Package

91% of brides would like to change something about their smile.
‘Wedding Smile Makeover Package’ Helps to Prepare for Wedding Day Photos

(Issued Spring 2019) — As soon as a wedding date is set, often the bride, groom and members of the wedding party start to think about how they’ll look in wedding day pictures preserved in albums (and every guest’s cell phone) for years to come.

According to Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics, “An upcoming wedding motivates people to get the teeth and smile they may only have thought about for years. Crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth can detract from picture-perfect smiles. Orthodontics can reduce that anxiety.”


This year, ARCH is celebrating its 45th anniversary and Dr. Chase estimates the practice has improved smiles for 35,000 patients at its 9 offices. The practice was founded in 1974 by Dr. Chase’s father, Dr. Robert Chavez, now serving as Clinician Emeritus.

To mark its anniversary and help those planning a wedding, ARCH unveiled a ‘Wedding Smile Makeover Package’ that includes: (Treatment must start by May 27, 2019.)

  • FREE teeth whitening for both the bride and groom (3 weeks before the wedding day) – even if only one of them gets treatment.
  • If the wedding is less than a year away, ARCH will provide AcceleDent treatment at 30% off the usual cost. (See more below)

High-Tech Smile Makeovers

Dr. Chase invites engaged couples to come in for a complimentary initial consultation – preferably a year before the wedding. One advance planning option is invisible aligners such as Invisalign that gradually reposition teeth. Even if the regimen continues through the wedding day, they won’t show in photos.

A new technology offered by ARCH is AcceleDent Now® using micropulses that speed treatment with only 20 minutes of hands-free use per day. It is used in conjunction with braces and Invisalign. AcceleDent vibrations accelerate the bones surrounding teeth to speed up movement. This means braces time may be 50% shorter “Many start AcceleDent just 6 – 8 months before their big day,” smiles Dr. Chase. We’re constantly researching the industry and finding new ways to shorten treatment times (and often costs).

Dr. Chase says, “We enjoy helping new couples begin a new, happy life together with new things to smile about. Why not have new smiles, too? The result is cleaner, healthier gums, a better bite – and dramatically beautiful wedding photos. The icing on the cake is our Wedding Smile Makeover Package — for a perfect wedding, perfect mate – perfect smiles and perfect photos, too!” For the special package, treatment must start by May 27, 2019. ARCH, with 9 offices from Boston to Cape Cod. offers free initial consultation and interest-free financing To learn more, call 781-209-6776, email

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