Watch Your Dirty Mouth!

Properly aligned teeth make plaque removal easier. 
Orthodontist calls floss a ‘lifeline.’

Keeping your teeth clean can prolong your life. 

Research shows it’s critically important to keep your teeth and gums as plaque-free as possible to prevent a range of serious conditions and ailments.   

“Properly aligned and oriented teeth without crowding are easier to clean and remove plaque,” says Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics ( with eight offices between Boston and Cape Cod. “Most people are surprised to learn of correlations between oral health and heart disease, heart attacks, strokes and other serious health risks. Bacteria live in dental plaque, a film that forms on teeth. The bacteria continues to grow and multiply until you stop it by removing plaque with thorough daily brushing and flossing. Floss is truly a lifeline.”

Among serious ailments that research traces to plaque:

  • Respiratory and lung disease — Teeth and gums are reservoirs for germs and bacteria that can travel to the lungs causing infections such as pneumonia —  which is more common for people with periodontal disease. Gum disease can worsen the chronic inflammation in lung diseases such as asthma and COPD.  (Source — American Thoracic Society)
  • Osteoporosis — Research suggests that lower bone density leads to bone loss in the jaw. This may eventually lead to tooth loss due to a weaker underlying bone.   (Source – National Institutes of Health)
  • Cancer –Gum disease, chronic infections and inflammation may increase the risk of certain forms of cancer. There is considerable evidence associating bacterial and viral infections and carcinogenesis.  (Source: National Institutes of Health)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) – There may be an association between RA and gum disease. For those with RA, brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist regularly are particularly important. Studies show a strong connection between RA and gum disease. They have many similarities,  (Source – U-Penn, School of Dental Medicine / Dr. Marjorie Jeffcoat, DMD – dean emeritus)

Dr. Chase notes that more research is needed in all these areas, but being able to clean out food particles and plaque is critical and should be part of everyone’s daily regimen. “If you find it challenging to reach every tooth surface, an Orthodontist can improve your alignment, spacing – and your smile. Call today so we can help you ‘watch your mouth,’” he smiles.

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–  By Stan Hurwitz /