Unsupervised Tooth Movement is Dangerous

Orthodontist Warns: Don’t Do ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Braces!
Mass Dental Society Posts ‘Potential Risks’ Video

(Issued Winter 2019-2020) – Mention the idea of ‘remote Orthodontics’ to almost anyone and they’ll think you’re joking.

But it’s a real thing and in recent years, thousands of people have fallen for ads promising straighter teeth using Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or Direct to Consumer (DTC) Orthodontics.

Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics with 9 offices between Boston and Orleans, Massachusetts, is a long-time crusader against DIY treatment. He says, “We can’t emphasize this enough: Moving teeth is a medical procedure, always requiring in-person. professional treatment. There are NO exceptions. Orthodontics is risky and patient-specific. Self-administered, unsupervised dental treatments can cause damage, irreversible complications, huge expenses, and may result in expensive and lifelong dental problems.” He notes that Orthodontists receive two to three years of specialized education beyond dental school to become highly-trained specialists. Almost weekly Dr. Chase and his team treat patients with DIY horror stories.

In newly posted videos on the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) website entitled ‘DIY: Potential Risks,’ Dr. Janis Moriarty, President of the MDS Board of Trustees, and Dentist Dr. Andrew Toneli explain the important of Orthodontist-supervised aligner therapy, and what can happen when remote DIY treatment goes wrong. (Watch the video here)

Dr. Chase says, “For proper straightening or improved spacing, you need x-rays so your Orthodontist can examine both the visible parts of your teeth and gums and the lower two-thirds below the gum line. Without that trained eye and knowledge, you risk bone loss, inflammation, and jaw issues. Ibe patient who came to us after trying DIY had four loose teeth. We did what we could, then referred them to a Periodontist. They could lose those teeth. A painful, costly less.”

Dr. Chase, past President of the Massachusetts Association of Orthodontists (MAO), says beware of ads promising straighter teeth ‘3x faster than braces’ and ‘invisible aligners delivered directly to you.’ Thousands of consumers have responded to the allure of quick and cheap Orthodontics — putting their smile and oral health in the hands of an online company and distant, nameless dental ‘experts.’ He says, “This can’t be done correctly on the Internet.”

MAO, MDS and the American Dental Association (ADA) all discourage the use of DIY/DTC products including aligners, veneers, mouth guards, and snoring appliances. Dr. Chase asks, “If remote Orthodontics is safe and effective, why have 36 state Attorney Generals filed complaints against DIY firms? Why have the FDA and FTC filed complaints about DIY firms ‘placing the public at risk’ with ‘false and misleading claims?’ And why have there been over 1,200 Better Business Bureau complaints against them? Anyone considering DIY should ask: Who is reviewing my case? How can they properly review my case if they don’t see me in person, or see any x-rays to confirm my teeth and supporting bones are healthy? why must I sign a release form liability agreement should I not be happy with my process or results? Who decides you’re ‘approved’? Of course they’ll ‘approve’ every prospective patient.”

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