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Surgical Orthodontics

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There’s a lot more to orthodontic care than just braces and straightening smiles. At ARCH, our orthodontists are experts in a variety of neck and jaw issues, including TMJ pain and sleep apnea. The bone structure of the face can be just as influential in a patient’s comfort and appearance as the position of their teeth – and our doctors are specially trained to identify and address these concerns.

Jaw irregularities are always one of the first things we look for. Why? Because once corrected, the ability to chew, speak, and breathe becomes much easier. Facial appearances also improve for enriched comfort and symmetry that’s simply stunning. Surgical orthodontics works best for girls ages 16 and up, along with boys ages 18 and older after jaw growth is complete.  Surgery is usually not performed until the jaw is fully-formed, but pre-surgical tooth movement is recommended and can commence in teens one or two years prior to full jaw formation.

The procedure is performed in the hospital with an oral surgeon, with whom we work closely throughout the pre-surgical phase. Upon completion of surgery, patients usually return to school or work after one week or so. Normal healing time takes about 6 weeks, and is followed up at your ARCH office for a bit of fine-tuning prior to removing the braces, which in most cases is complete in about 3-6 months. As with non-surgical cases, a retainer is worn so that your new, beautiful smile is maintained indefinitely.

The surgical orthodontic process is proven to improve smiles and looks for life.

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