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Self-Ligating Braces

Without Elastics, Rubber Bands, or Brackets

Self-ligating braces from ARCH Orthodontics might sound complicated, but they’re actually a simple smile straightening solution that has grown in popularity over the years.

You’ll notice that self-ligating braces are similar to traditional metal braces in how they’re placed on your teeth and in appearance. The difference between the two comes down to something called ligature. Self-ligating braces don’t require additional ligature such as elastics, rubber bands, or metal ties. They use highly effective clips and brackets that move teeth gently into the desired positioning.

Self-ligating braces:

  • Are easier to clean because they don’t use rubber bands and brackets.
  • Require less frequent visits/adjustments with your ARCH orthodontist.
  • Move teeth easily with less friction and discomfort.
SLX Self-Ligating Braces

Every patient who proceeds with treatment wants to see results as soon as possible. It’s possible with SLX Self-Ligating Braces from ARCH Orthodontics. They’re similar to traditional metal braces but specifically designed with patient comfort and compatibility in mind. SLX Braces have a small, sliding gate that opens and closes to work with your wiring and your teeth. Gentle movement and straightening occurs quickly and comfortably. As much as we love seeing you and your smile, these sought-after braces require fewer office visits for adjustments and checkups. They feature a sleek, low-profile design that’s less bulky than traditional metal braces. You get more precise results in less time!

Damon Braces

Damon Braces are a technologically advanced means of achieving a straight and beautiful smile. While standard braces use elastics to attach archwires into their brackets, Damon braces use a special sliding mechanism to hold the wire in place and allow the braces to self-adjust as teeth move into alignment. Because your orthodontist will not have to manually tighten your wire for every adjustment, this means less frequent appointments. Patients wearing Damon Braces typically achieve desired results more quickly and more comfortably than those with traditional metal brackets. Damon Braces also come in a popular clear bracket style, which make orthodontic treatment much less noticeable.


Faster results. Fewer visits.

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