Our Top 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Orthodontics

What Would You Like to Know?

FAQ'sOne of the things we love best about the patients who come to ARCH Orthodontics for straighter, healthier teeth is the variety of thoughtful, insightful, and always interesting questions we get asked. Talking with our families about their oral health is something we could do all day long — wait, isn’t that what we do!?

Here are the top three most frequently asked question we get from our patients and parents of patients. Is there something missing from the list that you’re wondering about? Just call one of our offices in Greater Boston and ask for some help. You can also email us at smilemaker@archorthodontics.com. We’re more than happy to help, anytime.

FAQ #1: What’s the difference between my dentist and my ARCH orthodontist?

Let’s start here first. Did you know that every orthodontist is a dentist first? Becoming an orthodontist takes additional schooling and training, beyond four years of dental school, to better understand balancing facial esthetics and corrective techniques. Think of your dentist as your regular family doctor and your orthodontist as the specialist you’re sent to for more thorough treatment. Some dentists do provide orthodontic services such as Invisalign, but it’s always best to check with an orthodontist to find a treatment that fits your smile and your budget. We agree with our friends at the American Association of Orthodontists when they say “only an orthodontist has the training, the experience, and the treatment options to give you your best smile.”

FAQ #2: Do braces hurt?

You can thank modern treatment methods and new technology for taking away most of the pain that people associate with having braces. Generally, having braces doesn’t hurt. There can be some discomfort at first when your mouth and teeth are getting used to having them there, but it’s minimal and goes away quickly. (The same can be said for having an adjustment with your metal braces.) We are able to use less force to gently move your teeth to their new position due to the different treatment options that are available for patients of all ages.  Today, braces are smaller, clearer, more comfortable, and work a lot faster than in the past.

FAQ #3: How much do braces cost?

Traditional metal braces are just one of the many types of treatment options your ARCH orthodontist can recommend to help straighten your smile. It’s hard to tell you exactly how much you will need to spend because there are so many factors involved when we work with you to create a viable, affordable treatment plan. They include:

  • How severe your bite problems are
  • How long it will take to fix any issues
  • What kind of treatment will work best

We have expert financial coordinators at all of our nine locations. Their day is made by having the chance to sit with you and work through any payment concerns you may have. We work with you on financing options to help give you the healthy, straight smile you’ve always wanted.

These are just a small few of the many great questions we get from patients of all ages. We sincerely hope you’ll take the time to ask us about anything you’d like to know about your smile health and achieving straighter teeth. There’s no such thing as a bad question. Your ARCH orthodontist is always here to listen because we truly want to help make your life better!

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