Marybeth DeAndrade (Mother with two kids at ARCH – Madelyn and Nolan)

I noticed that my kids were going to need orthodontics, most specifically, my daughter. From the moment her teeth came in, they were all over the place! My son had just a little bit of crookedness, but we knew he would need braces as well so I started asking around for referrals. I wanted something convenient to my house, and of course affordability was an issue with a couple of kids in braces at the same time. We had a sitter that came to the house and she had braces on, but her teeth looked so great. When she got her braces off, she was stunning. I asked her mom where she got her braces done, and she said ARCH Orthodontics. We went in for a consultation and they gave us a roadmap of how treatment would work, which I appreciated. Everything was laid out very nicely for us.

I felt like the ARCH Orthodontics team got to know me personally, as well as my children. They always asked how they were doing in school or about their sports. As a mom, I really appreciated that. Even if they’ve never treated my child before, everyone there genuinely cares. You don’t feel like you’re another number. I would definitely tell people to go for braces from ARCH. Even though it might cost you — confidence is everything in a child. I think it just makes such a difference when you have a bright, shining, white smile. No matter how bad of a day you’re having, a smile shows through in everything that you do. It’s worth every penny.