Kiersten Khoury (15, Beauty pageant contestant)

When I got my braces, I went to ARCH Orthodontics and saw Dr. Chase. It was such a great experience! I didn’t love having braces but in the long run, it was definitely worth it. I have a great smile now and I am really happy. ARCH Orthodontics has made it so much easier for me with the great staff and all the great things they do for you as a patient.

Every time I walked into the ARCH Orthodontics office it was a great experience. Everyone who works there makes you feel so special. As soon as you sit down in the chair, they make sure to ask you about your outside life and talk to you about everything you find interesting. Dr. Chase always kept up with what I had going on. Every time I came in with some good news or a new pageant title, he was so excited for me and it really meant a lot I’m a perfectionist and thanks to ARCH Orthodontics, I got perfection.