Andi Worden (Three kids got braces, so did she and her husband)

My husband and I joined ARCH Orthodontics after all three of our children got braces there. I decided to get braces as an adult after I noticed such a great change in my kids’ smiles.
Even when they were still in braces, you could see their teeth changing. That’s when my husband and I decided to get braces – both of us at the same time! We alternated between Dr. Chase and Dr. Chavez and they were both wonderful people to work with. The staff and the assistants were always super nice, and super thoughtful. They knew you by name and they would ask you about your life. It was always a wonderful experience going to the office.

There’s nothing like the experience our family got from ARCH Orthodontics. Having your children have beautiful, confident smiles is priceless. You just see their faces and they’re perfect now. Having a confident smile gave them their own individuality and made them feel good about themselves. I always told the team at ARCH — you’re a well-oiled machine. You rarely have to wait before your appointment. When you’re in the chair, no matter who is treating you, everybody really gets to know you. It’s an excellent environment to be in. You’re excited to be there, and you’re in and out within 20 minutes. It’s very quick!