Alexa Carlozzi (15, Had braces for a year and a half)

My friends who didn’t go to ARCH always complained about scheduling problems with their orthodontist. ARCH really helped me out and made my appointments convenient. Being a teenager, my life can be very busy! ARCH worked around my schedule so I could come in whenever I needed.

For me, having a great smile is really important. Before I got braces at ARCH Orthodontics I was self conscious and I know people noticed that. Within the first couple months of getting braces, I saw a change in my smile and even heard a change in my speech. It was great! When I got my braces off it was such a great day. I was so happy and my confidence immediately improved with my straight, beautiful smile.


Andi Worden (Three kids got braces, so did she and her husband)

My husband and I joined ARCH Orthodontics after all three of our children got braces there. I decided to get braces as an adult after I noticed such a great change in my kids’ smiles.
Even when they were still in braces, you could see their teeth changing. That’s when my husband and I decided to get braces – both of us at the same time! We alternated between Dr. Chase and Dr. Chavez and they were both wonderful people to work with. The staff and the assistants were always super nice, and super thoughtful. They knew you by name and they would ask you about your life. It was always a wonderful experience going to the office.

There’s nothing like the experience our family got from ARCH Orthodontics. Having your children have beautiful, confident smiles is priceless. You just see their faces and they’re perfect now. Having a confident smile gave them their own individuality and made them feel good about themselves. I always told the team at ARCH — you’re a well-oiled machine. You rarely have to wait before your appointment. When you’re in the chair, no matter who is treating you, everybody really gets to know you. It’s an excellent environment to be in. You’re excited to be there, and you’re in and out within 20 minutes. It’s very quick!


Brendan Connaughton (15, Got braces on at 12. Got them off at 14.)

I wanted braces because my teeth were all over the place. When I looked at other people, their teeth were so much straighter. I got to see my brother go through the process of getting braces at ARCH Orthodontics, so it made me more comfortable there. I ended up seeing Dr. Chase just like my brother. He treated me like an adult and was so kind to me during checkups, making jokes to make me laugh. When I look back at what my teeth looked like before braces, the difference is shocking. I’m so glad I did it!


Cameron Worden (Got braces the same day as sister)

I needed braces from ARCH Orthodontics because my teeth were pretty messed up following some accidents. I saw Dr. Chase, and he always came to my checkups with a smile. I never felt nervous about any procedure. There wasn’t really any pain at all during the whole process. Everyone who works at ARCH is so nice. They smiled whenever they saw you, and always acted like they’ve known you for a long time. They just made you feel comfortable. If I had to describe ARCH Orthodontics in one word it would be: happiness. Because everyone was just so happy to see you.