When I got my braces, I went to ARCH Orthodontics and saw Dr. Chase. It was such a great experience! I didn’t love having braces but in the long run, it was definitely worth it. I have a great smile now and I am really happy. ARCH Orthodontics has made it so much easier for me with the great staff and all the great things they do for you as a patient.

Every time I walked into the ARCH Orthodontics office it was a great experience. Everyone who works there makes you feel so special. As soon as you sit down in the chair, they make sure to ask you about your outside life and talk to you about everything you find interesting. Dr. Chase always kept up with what I had going on. Every time I came in with some good news or a new pageant title, he was so excited for me and it really meant a lot I’m a perfectionist and thanks to ARCH Orthodontics, I got perfection.

- Kiersten Khoury (15, Beauty pageant contestant)


My problem before I had braces was I was missing a tooth and I had an extra tooth. At a young age, in about fourth grade, I really started noticing it and I really wanted to get it fixed. My mom and I went to ARCH Orthodontics for a consultation. Later, after getting braces and an expander, it made me feel so much better about myself. We drove about 40 minutes to get to ARCH, but it always felt worth it because everyone was so nice and so professional. They always knew exactly what they were doing. I knew I was going to end up having the straight smile I wanted and that’s exactly what I got.

The pros of having braces dramatically outweighs the cons. Even though it takes a little time, having perfect teeth is so important for the rest of your life — especially for meeting new people and experiencing new things. Having just started college and being a business major makes having braces such a good investment. Whether you’re in an interview or you’re delivering a presentation to a group of people, having straight teeth gives you the confidence you need to go further in the business world. I love my ARCH smile.

- Colin Musto (19, Wore braces for three years)


My friends who didn’t go to ARCH always complained about scheduling problems with their orthodontist. ARCH really helped me out and made my appointments convenient. Being a teenager, my life can be very busy! ARCH worked around my schedule so I could come in whenever I needed.

For me, having a great smile is really important. Before I got braces at ARCH Orthodontics I was self conscious and I know people noticed that. Within the first couple months of getting braces, I saw a change in my smile and even heard a change in my speech. It was great! When I got my braces off it was such a great day. I was so happy and my confidence immediately improved with my straight, beautiful smile.

- Alexa Carlozzi (15, Had braces for a year and a half)


I definitely get noticed because of my straight smile. My life is so different now than before I had braces – my teeth were just hideous. I wouldn’t really like to show my teeth the way they were before. When I would go to ARCH Orthodontics for appointments, they always made me feel welcomed and would ask questions about school and my friends. Dr. Chase was my favorite doctor, he is the best! If I were to tell a friend to get braces, I would say go for it because your teeth will look beautiful and you’ll have a much nicer smile.

- Sian Monteiro (13, had braces for about 2 years)


I went to ARCH Orthodontics because my teeth were crowded in front and I had an overbite. Once I really started thinking about how that was going to affect me, I started to become really self-conscious. I was afraid it was going to affect my modeling and acting roles, and even how other people viewed me. Having braces didn’t impact my ability to get acting roles or modeling shoots. Getting my braces off was definitely exciting because it made me even more confident on stage than I already was.

When I was at ARCH Orthodontics, I had Dr. Hughes and she was amazing. She was very nice, always friendly, and so welcoming to me. The entire team was always asking me questions about how I was doing and making me feel comfortable. Within a few weeks of getting my braces on, I already thought that my teeth looked perfect. I was really excited to see what they were going to look like once I got the braces off. It was definitely worth the time spent!

- Devin Gallant (14, Actress, had braces for 3 years)


Dr. Chase and Dr. Chavez treated me at ARCH Orthodontics. My babysitter was a patient there, so then my mom brought me in on her recommendation. In second grade, I got my retainer and a lip bumper. My braces went on in sixth grade and were off by eighth grade so, it was actually pretty quick. We even ended up referring four of my friends to ARCH, not including my brother! I would tell my friends to definitely get braces because they’re not going to regret it, and their teeth are going to look great. For me, it was totally worth it and I’m really happy with my teeth.

- Madelyn DeAndrade (15, been a patient for 6 years)


I noticed that my kids were going to need orthodontics, most specifically, my daughter. From the moment her teeth came in, they were all over the place! My son had just a little bit of crookedness, but we knew he would need braces as well so I started asking around for referrals. I wanted something convenient to my house, and of course affordability was an issue with a couple of kids in braces at the same time. We had a sitter that came to the house and she had braces on, but her teeth looked so great. When she got her braces off, she was stunning. I asked her mom where she got her braces done, and she said ARCH Orthodontics. We went in for a consultation and they gave us a roadmap of how treatment would work, which I appreciated. Everything was laid out very nicely for us.

I felt like the ARCH Orthodontics team got to know me personally, as well as my children. They always asked how they were doing in school or about their sports. As a mom, I really appreciated that. Even if they’ve never treated my child before, everyone there genuinely cares. You don’t feel like you’re another number. I would definitely tell people to go for braces from ARCH. Even though it might cost you — confidence is everything in a child. I think it just makes such a difference when you have a bright, shining, white smile. No matter how bad of a day you’re having, a smile shows through in everything that you do. It’s worth every penny.

- Marybeth DeAndrade (Mother with two kids at ARCH – Madelyn and Nolan)


I decided to get braces at ARCH Orthodontics because I didn’t like the gap in my front teeth. The gap bothered me because when I would take pictures, I didn’t like it. When I smiled, I didn’t like it. I just hated how I had the gap and how other people didn’t. The doctors at ARCH were great, even more friendly than my regular dentist. They were always concerned about your comfort. One of the doctors even left a conference in Rhode Island just to help me when I had a problem with one of my wires. To someone that’s considering getting braces at ARCH, I would say that it’s totally worth it in the end.

- Makenzie Smith (17, Got brace to correct gap in front teeth)


I wanted braces because my teeth were all over the place. When I looked at other people, their teeth were so much straighter. I got to see my brother go through the process of getting braces at ARCH Orthodontics, so it made me more comfortable there. I ended up seeing Dr. Chase just like my brother. He treated me like an adult and was so kind to me during checkups, making jokes to make me laugh. When I look back at what my teeth looked like before braces, the difference is shocking. I’m so glad I did it!

- Brendan Connaughton (15, Got braces on at 12. Got them off at 14.)


I wanted braces from ARCH Orthodontics because if you’re confident in your smile then it makes you a better, more presentable person. Before I had Invisalign clear braces, my teeth were crooked and I didn’t want to smile. I was always afraid of being in pictures and I felt very insecure about myself. Invisalign was a better option for me because I didn’t want braces for my senior pictures. It allowed people just see my smile rather than the metal braces, so it increased my confidence even while I was in treatment.

Having Invisalign came with a lot of advantages compared to traditional braces. You could take the aligner out to be able to eat, and pop it back in right after the meal. One word to describe my experience at ARCH Orthodontics would be: positive. The atmosphere was very positive and I always enjoyed being there for my checkups.

- Drew Worden (20, 17 when first got braces – Invisalign)


I needed braces from ARCH Orthodontics because my teeth were pretty messed up following some accidents. I saw Dr. Chase, and he always came to my checkups with a smile. I never felt nervous about any procedure. There wasn’t really any pain at all during the whole process. Everyone who works at ARCH is so nice. They smiled whenever they saw you, and always acted like they’ve known you for a long time. They just made you feel comfortable. If I had to describe ARCH Orthodontics in one word it would be: happiness. Because everyone was just so happy to see you.

- Cameron Worden (Got braces the same day as sister)


I was looking forward to getting my braces on at ARCH Orthodontics because my teeth were really crooked. When I got my braces put on, it felt weird because I’m used to just having my normal teeth without metal on them. But I was so glad I did it, because in the long run I knew my teeth were going to look so much better. Almost immediately I started to see a change. My teeth were getting straighter within a week and I was finally happy about my smile. Everyone at ARCH is so friendly that it made the whole process easy and totally worth it.

- Jacquelyn Worden (Got braces the same day as brother)


My husband and I joined ARCH Orthodontics after all three of our children got braces there. I decided to get braces as an adult after I noticed such a great change in my kids’ smiles.
Even when they were still in braces, you could see their teeth changing. That’s when my husband and I decided to get braces – both of us at the same time! We alternated between Dr. Chase and Dr. Chavez and they were both wonderful people to work with. The staff and the assistants were always super nice, and super thoughtful. They knew you by name and they would ask you about your life. It was always a wonderful experience going to the office.

There’s nothing like the experience our family got from ARCH Orthodontics. Having your children have beautiful, confident smiles is priceless. You just see their faces and they’re perfect now. Having a confident smile gave them their own individuality and made them feel good about themselves. I always told the team at ARCH — you’re a well-oiled machine. You rarely have to wait before your appointment. When you’re in the chair, no matter who is treating you, everybody really gets to know you. It’s an excellent environment to be in. You’re excited to be there, and you’re in and out within 20 minutes. It’s very quick!

- Andi Worden (Three kids got braces, so did she and her husband)


I didn’t think that I was going to get braces as an adult, it just came up that my wife Andi mentioned maybe we should get braces from ARCH Orthodontics too. While having the braces was a little embarrassing at times, I made it through the experience and I really appreciated the end result. I am much happier about the formation of my teeth. I am more confident with my smile.

I can’t say enough about the environment at ARCH Orthodontics, you could just tell it was a great place to be and a great place to work. I could tell that all of the employees seemed to be energized and enjoyed being there. It was almost like a party atmosphere at times! To me it just seemed to be a very happy and joyous place to be and that made the experience all that much better. The technology and computers allowed you to see everything right away. They had so many different styles of braces to show us. You could just tell they had their act together.

You can see the before and after photos at ARCH Orthodontics of all the people who got their braces off, showing off their new smiles with Dr. Chase or Dr. Chavez. You could tell the doctors were very proud of their accomplishments and that each patient meant something to them. I think every parent wants their kid to have that confidence. Braces gave my kids the confidence to meet new people, open up their mouths, and smile. That’s a gift for a lifetime.

- Mark Worden (Three kids got braces, so did he and his wife)

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