Straw Power

How Sipping Through A Straw Benefits Your Teeth

woman drinking from strawWith so many tooth tools designed to keep teeth healthy, ARCH Orthodontics is here to share some interesting information about an overlooked, yet everyday item that actually has some powerful smile benefits.

What is this magical gadget? A straw!

At first glance it may seem strange to praise this simple piece of plastic. But straight, bendy, short, tall, colorful, and traditional straws have actually proven useful at helping to protect teeth.

Reducing Risks. Hindering Hazards.

Your ARCH orthodontist wants your teeth to be as healthy as possible — no matter what your age. That’s why we suggest using a straw, especially if you absolutely, positively have to have a sugary drink. This will help cut back on the amount of sugar that actually comes in contact with your teeth.

Remember to always be mindful of how much of these you consume:

  • Coffee or tea (iced or hot)
  • Sports and energy drinks
  • Fruit juices
  • Soda

Avoiding Stains

Straws are also very good at protecting your smile from unsightly stains. When you’re sipping on a strongly pigmented drink like coffee or even certain types of smoothies, it can lead to discoloration. When you have braces, this can be especially troublesome. Try using a straw as much as possible to keep liquids from touching your teeth.

Diminishing Decay

Braces or not, your smile is susceptible to dreaded decay every single day. Using a straw can also help it from taking over your teeth and causing cavities. When we consume large amounts of sugar-filled drinks and even foods, it’s often evident in our teeth. Back molars tend to break down quickly when you swish liquids around in your mouth and let them  sit before swallowing. A straw can help derail decay.

Stopping Sensitivity

To keep your teeth feeling and looking their very best, your ARCH orthodontist recommends that you to reduce how many acidic and sweet drinks you consume. They attack your enamel and can lead to sensitivity. Straws can also help protect pain caused by drinking hot or cold beverages.

Always make sure to:

  • Position your straw in the back of your mouth
  • Avoid sloshing drinks around in your mouth
  • Try to limit your intake of sugar-filled beverages
  • Drink plenty of water and brush after drinking

We encourage to try sipping from a straw more often! Also, don’t forget to keep eating healthy, brushing twice a day, and flossing once. When you do these things you and your smile will be able to keep going strong now and in the future. If you have any questions about protecting your teeth from decay, stains, or sensitivity — don’t hesitate to call one of our nine convenient locations throughout the greater Boston area.

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