Straighter Teeth Improve Your Smile

And They Can Make You Look Younger, Too!

Dr Andrew Chase(Issued Summer/Fall 2019) — You know that a beautiful smile can boost your confidence, but did you know it can also enhance your entire facial appearance and make you look younger?

As we age, people notice changes to their skin and face, showing up as laugh, smile, and squint lines around the forehead, mouth, and eyes (think Clint Eastwood). And while many notice their teeth shifting as they age, most don’t correlate the face/teeth connection. While people may notice discoloration or staining, they may not be aware of physical changes beyond shifting, such as wear and flattening, and how this contributes to looking ‘more seasoned’ or ‘distinguished’.

In his 20 years as an Orthodontist, Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics says not one patient has ever complained about how their face is showing its age — and blamed it on their teeth. He says, “Your face changes because teeth gradually change shape throughout adulthood.”

Orthodontists are trained in growth and development more so than any other discipline in dentistry. ARCH treats children so they will maintain an appropriate youthful appearance deep into their adult years. And about one-third of patients are 18-plus. For adults, the skilled staff also creates proper support for a patient’s lower face and lips to slow down and even ‘reverse’ the aging that has already shown up.

woman smilingWhile some general dentists and online companies offer braces or aligners, only a skilled Orthodontist with 2-3 additional years of advanced training in an accredited dental school residency can call themselves and Orthodontist. Dr. Chase says, “It’s not worth the risk of permanent damage to your teeth, face, smile, or overall health to allow anyone who isn’t an orthodontist to attempt to move your teeth. And certainly, avoid self-treatment.

Paraphrasing an article in the New York Times, Dr. Chase says, “Through ‘anti-aging’ dental interventions, Orthodontists can manipulate the size, shape, and arrangement of teeth, often subtracting years from your face. Orthodontists don’t just focus on making teeth straight and fixing bad bites; they also manage and enhance your entire facial appearance and profile. Our training includes understanding growth and aging changes that will occur over your lifetime.

An Orthodontist’s extra training includes ways to improve the patient’s appearance, symmetry and bite, and to address such issues as gum disease, TMJ disorder and sleep apnea. Dr. Chase says, “ARCH’s skilled Orthodontists always consider the aging process and how best to enhance your whole facial esthetic while ‘slowing’ that process down even if that was not expressed as a treatment goal. They know what matters to adults and deliver results which make a difference for a lifetime when properly maintained.” He says anyone who started self-treatment and is having second thoughts is invited to make an appointment with ARCH ASAP.

Dr. Chase, showing his characteristic sense of humor, advises, “Dental intervention isn’t a face-lift and won’t improve skin elasticity or erase fine lines. That’s the work of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. But our team can help with the height and projection of the face, which preserves a youthful appearance.”

Besides having over 25,000 satisfied patients, another indication of ARCH’s high level of care: For six years the practice was the Official Orthodontist of Miss Massachusetts. ARCH has nine offices from Boston to Cape Cod and offers free initial consultations and interest-free financingARCH offers pediatric dental care at its Stoughton office. Courtesy discounts are offered to anyone serving in the military and their families and veterans, and to municipal employees and their families in towns served by the practice. For more info, contact or call (781) 209-6776.

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