Mark Worden (Three kids got braces, so did he and his wife)

I didn’t think that I was going to get braces as an adult, it just came up that my wife Andi mentioned maybe we should get braces from ARCH Orthodontics too. While having the braces was a little embarrassing at times, I made it through the experience and I really appreciated the end result. I am much happier about the formation of my teeth. I am more confident with my smile.

I can’t say enough about the environment at ARCH Orthodontics, you could just tell it was a great place to be and a great place to work. I could tell that all of the employees seemed to be energized and enjoyed being there. It was almost like a party atmosphere at times! To me it just seemed to be a very happy and joyous place to be and that made the experience all that much better. The technology and computers allowed you to see everything right away. They had so many different styles of braces to show us. You could just tell they had their act together.

You can see the before and after photos at ARCH Orthodontics of all the people who got their braces off, showing off their new smiles with Dr. Chase or Dr. Chavez. You could tell the doctors were very proud of their accomplishments and that each patient meant something to them. I think every parent wants their kid to have that confidence. Braces gave my kids the confidence to meet new people, open up their mouths, and smile. That’s a gift for a lifetime.

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