Drew Worden (20, 17 when first got braces – Invisalign)

I wanted braces from ARCH Orthodontics because if you’re confident in your smile then it makes you a better, more presentable person. Before I had Invisalign clear braces, my teeth were crooked and I didn’t want to smile. I was always afraid of being in pictures and I felt very insecure about myself. Invisalign was a better option for me because I didn’t want braces for my senior pictures. It allowed people just see my smile rather than the metal braces, so it increased my confidence even while I was in treatment.

Having Invisalign came with a lot of advantages compared to traditional braces. You could take the aligner out to be able to eat, and pop it back in right after the meal. One word to describe my experience at ARCH Orthodontics would be: positive. The atmosphere was very positive and I always enjoyed being there for my checkups.

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