Devin Gallant (14, Actress, had braces for 3 years)

I went to ARCH Orthodontics because my teeth were crowded in front and I had an overbite. Once I really started thinking about how that was going to affect me, I started to become really self-conscious. I was afraid it was going to affect my modeling and acting roles, and even how other people viewed me. Having braces didn’t impact my ability to get acting roles or modeling shoots. Getting my braces off was definitely exciting because it made me even more confident on stage than I already was.

When I was at ARCH Orthodontics, I had Dr. Hughes and she was amazing. She was very nice, always friendly, and so welcoming to me. The entire team was always asking me questions about how I was doing and making me feel comfortable. Within a few weeks of getting my braces on, I already thought that my teeth looked perfect. I was really excited to see what they were going to look like once I got the braces off. It was definitely worth the time spent!

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