Tooth Bonding

Kids can be hard on their smiles. A fall off a bike, a knee to the chin during soccer, a slip on the ice in winter, even a crunchy popcorn kernel could lead to a chip or crack in your child’s tooth. And those chips, cracks, and breaks are no fun. They can be sensitive to temperature changes, irritating and rough to delicate oral tissues, and cause embarrassment that keeps your youngster from smiling they way they should. Tooth-bonding services from ARCH Orthodontics offer a fast convenient, and cost-effective alternative to porcelain repairs such as veneers or dental crowns. In addition, far less tooth preparation is needed, which means more valuable enamel is preserved. And because we apply the repair materials directly to the damaged tooth, right here in our Stoughton office, the dental bonding procedure can be completed in one, easy visit. We simply custom shade the composite bonding material to match the rest of the tooth, apply it to shape, repair, and restore the damaged tooth, then smooth and polish it so it looks just like a natural tooth should.