Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Everyone can get really nervous sometimes. We understand. Dr. Koster has special training in gentle, compassionate communication with frightened, very young, and special needs children. In normal circumstances, our team’s fun and effective approach to gentle dentistry is enough to keep kids happy and relaxed, but once in a while, kids just need a little extra help. Some children have a really hard time sitting still or holding their mouths open. Other children have an extra strong gag reflex or find having things put in their mouths tremendously upsetting. That’s when our pediatric dental sedation comes in.

Pediatric sedation is sometimes the only way to get some procedures your child needs completed safely and comfortably – and we think every child deserves a healthy happy smile without fear or trauma. We are certified to safely offer nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas. Either of these methods can be used for anything from cleanings for special needs patients to fillings, extractions, crowns or any other procedure your child needs. If you have a special needs patient who has a difficult time getting the dental care he or she needs, or your child is particularly nervous about a dental procedure, please feel free to ask us about our pediatric dental sedation options. They just might save your child’s smile!