Minor Oral Surgery

Dr. Koster and our team have years of experience keeping kids happy and relaxed during any procedure – even tooth extractions. It’s one of the things our Stoughton patients love best about us. And while no one loves the idea of having a tooth pulled, not parents and certainly not kids, sometimes it is the best course of action for keeping your little one healthy.

Some situations that might warrant oral surgery are when a tooth is:

  • Too infected for a pediatric root canal to clear the infection
  • Extremely decayed
  • Broken or shattered beyond repair
  • Erupting improperly or causing crowding

If we find extraction necessary, we will talk to you and your child about the procedure so you feel safe and secure every step of the way. Sometimes, sedation can help ensure that your child has the best experience with no pain or fear. Once the tooth is removed, we will very likely place a space maintainer to ensure that the adult tooth has plenty of room to grow.

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