Hygiene and Dental Cleanings

We know you do a really good job helping your kids brush and floss at home. You set the timer for a full two minutes, sing the brushing song, make sure they get every tooth. But even with all that care, food particles, sugary liquids, even pediatric medications can linger, feeding the bacteria that loves to build up in the grooves and fissures of your child’s teeth and along the gumline. This sticky bacterial buildup is called plaque and even a little bit of it left on teeth hardens into something called tartar – that famously-difficult-to-remove crust that leads to gum disease and cavities. That’s why our hygiene visits and regular cleanings are so important. We use cleaning tools specially designed to be both gentle and effective on little teeth and fit just right in the smallest mouths. These tools efficiently remove every last trace of plaque and tartar so your child’s teeth are clean, safe, and bacteria-free. We recommend at least two hygiene visits a year but may recommend more frequent dental cleanings if your child has a tendency to get gum infections, cavities, or is wearing braces.