Comprehensive Exams

You know how important regular checkups are for your child’s overall health – regular dental checkups are just as vital. In fact, regular comprehensive exams are one of the most important ways we can help protect little smiles and prevent problems before they become serious.

Lots of things can be happening in your child’s mouth that won’t be obvious to the untrained eye – there could be teeth coming in too late or erupting in the wrong place, early cavities could be developing without even the slightest toothache, bite or jaw problems could be progressing, or infections could be brewing at the gumline. Catching any of these issues early makes them easier to treat and keeps your children healthy and smiling longer.

During these exams, we will “count” your children’s teeth, look at the health of their gums, take x-rays, if necessary, and, of course, always check your child’s developmental progress. And because our treatment rooms are equipped with computers, it is easy to compare each new visit’s results against the last.

What’s more, Dr. Koster and her team know just how to explain what we see to both you and your child so you know exactly what is happening and how you can take good care of those precious teeth at home.