New Type of Braces Are Bonded Behind Your Teeth

smiling changes everythingFewer office visits, shorter braces time, better flossing, desired results

(Issued Fall 2020)  — A new kind of braces attaches to the back of your teeth.

Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics says, “Unlike clear, almost invisible aligners which work well but need to be removed when eating or drinking, and require full coverage of all tooth surfaces, new Brius® braces stay bonded to your teeth and work 24/7 to improve your smile. No weekly or monthly adjustments are required.”

Dr. Chase, who has been providing lingual braces treatment for over 20 years, favors this revolutionary system which reduces office visits and shortens treatment time. “Teeth move best with consistent and constant forces which Brius delivers directly to each tooth, moving teeth more effectively than conventional braces or Invisalign because they are directed in the exact path needed to achieve desired results. Each tooth has a bracket bonded directly to it.  Flossing is easier  since the system has no straight wire going from tooth to tooth. There’s nothing to block the floss when you pass it between the teeth.  This is a huge advantage and advancement in Orthodontics!”  In another brilliant advancement, the Brius appliance doesn’t require staged increases and changes in wires to move teeth as advanced wire properties deliver the precise force needed for each tooth to move at an incredibly fast, and most importantly, healthy pace. Unlike traditional braces or ‘invisible’ aligners where forces drop and tooth movement speeds can change, Brius® is literally ’steady eddy’ and out of sight.”

Brius has two main components: a rigid support structure positioned very close to the gum tissue above or below the teeth, and customized flexible arms with varying designs that apply the ideal force or torque to each tooth, moving each tooth independently. Similar to Invisalign, the treatment plan is created by your ARCH Orthodontist and the lab fabricates the appliance specific to desired outcomes. But unlike Invisalign that uses a series of retainer-like aligners, just one Brius is needed to complete a mild to moderate case.

Dr. Chase and his staff consult with patients to determine which treatment technique will be most effective and comfortable, whether the best choice is traditional (metal or clear and visible) braces, Invisalign, or Brius.  Additionally, the Carriere Motion appliance to speed more challenging bite corrections and/or Accceledent to increase the boney changes with light micropulses to speed treatment may also be recommended.  For convenience, closer oversight and general COVID safety, ARCH offers Dental Monitoring allowing patients to remotely submit weekly selfies of their teeth and smile via smartphone app – always under close supervision of their Orthodontist. Dr. Chase is an outspoken critic of do-it-yourself Orthodontics, warning the community not to entrust tooth movement to long-distance treatment plans in which you never meet with a certified Orthodontist: “That route usually ends with dangerous and costly results.”

ARCH Orthodontics, with eight offices from Boston to Hyannis, is offering a ‘Wedding Smile Makeover Package’ that includes free initial consultation a year before the wedding;  high-tech AcceleDent treatment at 30% off; and free teeth whitening for both the bride and groom (3 weeks before the wedding day) – even if only one of them gets Ortho treatment. For the special package, treatment must start by Oct. 31, 2020.     

ARCH, whose patients range from 4 to 84+, operates a Pediatric Dentistry office at its Stoughton location. The practice offers prospective patients free initial consultation (a $500 value) and interest-free financing.  Courtesy discounts are offered to anyone serving in the military and their families and veterans, and to municipal employees in towns where ARCH has offices.  To learn more, call 781-209-6776, email or visit

(Photo of actual ARCH patient)         –  By Stan Hurwitz /