How Does Invisalign Work?

InvisalignCustomized Clear Braces Made Just For You!

Invisalign from ARCH Orthodontics is a clear alternative to traditional metal braces that can give teens and adults the perfect teeth they’ve always wanted. Crooked teeth are gradually straightened with clear aligners, or virtually invisible braces — instead of traditional braces that rely on metal wires and brackets.

We’ve had great results with teens and adults using Invisalign at our nine convenient office locations around the Boston area.

What Are The Benefits of Invisalign?

Patients who choose to use Invisalign orthodontics rely on a series of customized, molded trays that are lightweight and sturdy. They gradually begin to move teeth within a matter of months after beginning treatment, and are changed out every two weeks. The aligners fit comfortably, because we use bite imprints and a series of x-rays to determine their best fit and the most effective way to straighten your smile. Patients are able to see each stage individually and in 3D to really understand how their orthodontic treatment is correcting their teeth. The best part is — the clear aligners are virtually unnoticeable!

How Will Invisalign Change My Daily Routine?

Invisalign from ARCH Orthodontics is highly sought after because of the minimal impact the treatment has on a patient’s every day, busy lifestyle. That’s why teens and adults love the freedom that comes with having Invisalign. The comfortable, clear aligners can be worn for 20 to 22 hours each day. Brushing and flossing is made extra easy, because you can simply take the aligner out and go about your normal oral hygiene routine. (Keeping the aligners clean is simple too. Just brush and rinse them in lukewarm water.) Forget about food restrictions with Invisalign! Every time you eat, the aligners come out. This means you’re free to eat whatever you like.

Interested in finding out if Invisalign is the right choice to straighten your smile? Call ARCH Orthodontics to schedule a consultation! Together, we can decide if Invisalign clear braces will benefit you and your smile.