Have Braces? Here Are the Foods You Should Avoid

Braces are a must for many children and adults. They are truly the pinnacle of reconstructive tools for dental services, and they are a great way to get your smile in perfect picture shape. No matter what age, it’s important to know the best way to care for your braces while they’re on. Orthodontists will go over daily care and things to do to ensure a fault free process in reconstructing your teeth, but the big question is always food. So, what foods are an absolute no while wearing braces?

Avoid These Foods When Wearing Braces

Nothing is worse than elongating the process of wearing braces because of eating the wrong food. It’s cut and clear which foods are okay and which are not.

Hard Fruits

Yes, fruits are a must for a healthy diet, but some do more damage than they are worth in nutrients. A hard fruit like an apple is too tough on the teeth to safely allow for braces to stay in tact. Don’t take a chance, make sure to cut hard fruits into smaller pieces to allow for safe chewing and eating.

Hard, Raw Veggies

Carrots and even celery can pose a threat to braces. Like hard fruits, hard veggies are tough to kick out of a diet because they do so much for our nutrition. For that reason, it’s best to stick to softer veggies by taking carrots or broccoli and steaming it to get a softer texture. Likewise, making sure to boil veggies can make a huge difference and keep your braces safe!

Certain Meats

Some meats are stringy and fibrous, meaning it gets stuck in the braces and causes harm to the teeth. Meats like chicken or ribs right off the bone pose a huge threat because you might accidentally hit the bone instead of just the meat. Even so, those meats can sometimes have high levels of fat, making it tough to eat them safely. Choose lean meats to avoid this issue.


Look, candy is not a food group, but it is totally tasty. That being said, gummies, hard candies, or sticky treats must be avoided. These pose a huge risk to your braces, and can really damage the teeth and equipment helping them straighten out. Keep a list of your favorite candies and see if they fall under the hard or sticky categories, and if they do, just wait until the braces are off to enjoy them.

Keep your braces safe by avoiding these tricky foods!

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