Device Speeds Tooth Movement, Reduces Braces Treatment Time

acceledent(Issued Winter 2020) – It sounds like science fiction, but there’s a device that can actually speed up tooth movement during Orthodontic treatment – and reduce braces treatment time by up to six months.

AcceleDent, a noninvasive, FDA-cleared medical device, is worn for 20 minutes per day in conjunction with traditional metal braces or clear aligners like Invisalign. The device uses gentle vibrations (gentler than an electric toothbrush) to increase cellular activity in the bone that surrounds the teeth, encouraging them to move into place more quickly, with less pain. Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics, who has been prescribing AcceleDent for patients for five years, says, “When used in conjunction with light-force Orthodontics, it is completely safe.”

Dr. Chase says, “Accelerated Orthodontics is a win-win for patients and Orthodontists. Patients want to shorten their treatment and discomfort period, and the doctor is focused on reducing the likelihood of health challenges posed by prolonged Orthodontic treatment.”

ARCH’s new ‘Wedding Smile Makeover Package*‘ promises to be the “icing on the cake,” smiles Dr. Chase. He invites engaged couples to come in for a complimentary initial consultation – preferably a year before the wedding. Once advance planning option is invisible aligners. Even if the regimen continues through the wedding day, they won’t show in photos. “AcceleDent can begin just 6-8 months before their big day,” says Dr. Chase. If the wedding day is close, engaged couples can get AcceleDent treatment at 30% off the usual cost. Another part of the offer: FREE teeth whitening for both the bride and groom (3 weeks before the wedding day) – even if only one of them gets treatment! 

Dr. Chase estimated that ARCH, now in its 46th years with nine offices from Boston to Cape Cod, has improved smiles for 35,000 patients. ARCH offers free initial consultation and interest-free financing. To learn more, call 781-209-6776 or email

*Treatment must start by May 15, 2020