Can Seniors Get Braces at ARCH Orthodontics?

handsome senior gentlemanYou may think we only treat teens and kid at ARCH Orthodontics in Greater Boston, but the truth is we help patients of all ages find their best, straight smile. Even though it’s easier to correct bite issues and teeth crowding when you’re still a kid, that doesn’t mean adults can’t rely on their ARCH orthodontist to fix their smile too. The American Association of Orthodontists now says that about one in five orthodontic patients are older than 18.

Tips to Know & Understand

Are you a senior or an adult considering braces from ARCH Orthodontics in Greater Boston? We’re so excited that you’re interested in straightening your smile. It can help boost your self-confidence and take years off of your age. People will be asking if you’ve had cosmetic surgery!

There are a few things you’ll want to consider when thinking about how braces can help correct your smile issues:

1) Bone Growth

Sometimes adults can’t get the results they’re hoping for because your facial bones are done growing. Some structural changes might require surgery.

2) Extended Length of Treatment

Sometimes braces or other orthodontic treatments can take a bit longer when you’re an adult. Typical treatment times can range from 1 to 2 years.

3) Healthy Gums Matter

If you’re older and struggling with gum disease, we may need to get that cleared up first before starting your orthodontic treatment. This helps protect your teeth and to avoid bone loss in the future.

Think You Know Braces? Think Again!

The orthodontic procedures and treatments you remember from when you were a kid are much different than what your ARCH orthodontist in Greater Boston can provide for you right now. Advancements in technology and techniques give us the ability to use computers to straighten your smile with clear aligners or traditional metal braces for dramatic results you’re going to love.

There are comfortable and affordable solutions for every person, at every age, and every lifestyle. It’s essential that you schedule a no-obligation consultation with an ARCH orthodontist at any of your nine Greater Boston locations including Stoughton, Hyannis, Brockton, Canton, Bridgewater, Westwood, Randolph, Orleans, and Hyde Park.

Every person and every smile is different so until you come and talk to us, it’s difficult to say whether you’re a good candidate for braces as an older adult or senior. We’re happy to take the time to assess your smile needs and listen to your concerns. If orthodontic treatment from ARCH is something you’re still interested in pursuing, we’ll take the time to create a comprehensive treatment plan as well as a financial roadmap or payment plan.