How Do I Avoid White Discolorations On My Teeth After Braces?

girl hiding her smileDo You Have White Spots on Your Teeth?

At ARCH Orthodontics, we help patients of all ages get their smiles to be straight and healthy. Over the years of treatment, one of the biggest questions we get from our patients is about how they can avoid having white spots on their teeth following treatment.

The truth is: these discolorations are preventable if you take excellent care of your teeth while your braces are still on. When you don’t brush properly or regularly with braces, parts of your teeth can become demineralized, leading to the obvious white areas.

Don’t Rush The Brush

Want to avoid getting white spots on your teeth when you have braces? Good! To get started, ask yourself this question: What were your oral health habits like before you started wearing braces?

If you struggled to keep up with a regular brushing and flossing routine before your braces, it’s important that you step up and take charge during orthodontic treatment to ensure that it’s worth your time and money. Here’s a step-by-step guide of what you’ll need to do to avoid getting white spots on your teeth:

1) Take Your Time – Let’s face it — brushing with braces can be tricky. There are plenty of places where food and other debris can get trapped causing bigger problems down the road. Don’t just give your teeth a quick brush and rinse. Make sure to thoroughly clean them by using a traditional, braces-friendly toothbrush. You may also want to consider purchasing an electric toothbrush and/or an electric flosser like a WaterPik. Sometimes they can reach difficult places even better than a regular toothbrush.

2) Watch The Foods You Choose – Some foods and drinks can cause discolorations on your teeth. Be sure to avoid sugary or highly acidic foods. They are the biggest troublemakers for folks with (and without) braces!

3) Come See Us (And Your Dentist) – Don’t forget to schedule and go to your regular appointments with your ARCH orthodontist and your dentist. This will help us to monitor your progress and help keep white spots from forming.

If you have any questions about getting braces, wearing braces, keeping your teeth clean, avoiding white spots, or any other smile-related issue, we hope you’ll never hesitate to call one of our offices in the greater Boston area. We can take a look at your smile and decide what you need to be healthy and happy.

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