Artificial Intelligence at the Orthodontist’s Office

Selfie app results in better communication, fewer office visits, better accuracy, shorter treatment time

(Issued Summer 2019) — Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to the Orthodontist’s office!

Now, with the cutting-edge Dental Monitoring (DM) app, patients can reduce the number of office visits while enabling the Orthodontist to better track teeth movement and treatment progress using weekly selfies that the patient takes of their teeth and smile.

“Our DM smartphone app allows patients to have fewer office visits while enhancing and optimizing treatment outcomes,” says Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics which operates nine offices between Boston and Cape Cod. ARCH is among the first in the region to offer this technology, continuing its 45-year track record as a pioneer offering the latest technologies and best outcomes possible.

Dr. Chase says DM is one of the most innovative Orthodontic enhancements of the past decade. “The revolutionary aspect is that, using complex algorithms, DM provides a measurable way to remotely critical, enhanced information we can’t even get visually during office appointments. With this data, ARCH’s Orthodontists guide you through the process remotely, potentially saving 5o-70% of your typical number of visits. We know how valuable your time is.”

He adds, “We want to be very clear that AI only captures and measures. Your Orthodontist remains in total control and maintains regular oversight. The AI monitoring system should not be confused with ‘Do-It-Yourself’ (DIY) or ‘Direct-To-Consumer’ (DTC) Orthodontics – now widely promoted in ad campaigns — which we strongly discourage. Changing the position of your teeth should only be trusted to your Orthodontist with 2-3 years of training beyond dental school. Incorrect actions can cause permanent damage: tooth loss, infection, cavities, and/or gum damage.” With DM, an initial 3D model with photos and measurements tracks progress between appointments, and if abnormal clinical events occur, prompt action is taken by your doctor.

Dr. Chase explains that when used with aligners, DM readily tracks the progress and accuracy of fit. When used with braces, this technology allows doctors to see if any appliance is broken and calls you into the office earlier than waiting for your next appointment. “This translates into faster finish times because we’re able to address concerns much more rapidly. It’s truly customized to the patent’s specific and individual needs — designed to move you to your desired results faster and more accurately.”

“Dental Monitoring makes it easy to fit Orthodontic treatment into your busy lifestyle,” says Dr. Chase. “It enables you to go to work or school, travel, or vacation while treatment progresses uninterrupted. Patients only need to send us their weekly selfie to stay in close contact.”

ARCH offers free initial consultation and interest-free financing. Courtesy discounts are offered to anyone serving in the military and their families and veterans, and to municipal employees and their families in towns served by the practice. For more info contact: / (781) 209-6776.

– By Stanley Hurwitz /

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