Are You Afraid of Getting Braces?

4 Things You Need to Know About Straightening Your Smile

woman biting her lipYour ARCH Orthodontist in Greater Boston understands that having braces (at any age) can be scary. So many people are afraid of seeing the dentist and the same is true for the orthodontist. ARCH Orthodontics talks to so many patients of all ages…. and one of the biggest concerns is that they’re going to hurt.

We always want you to feel comfortable and excited about helping your smile get healthy. That’s why we have a variety of orthodontic options. You can work with your ARCH orthodontist to create a treatment plan that works for you. We’ll show you how having braces won’t hurt and how you and your smile enjoy a healthier, happier future. (You’re going to feel excited to get fitted for your braces. We promise!)

  1. Getting braces doesn’t hurt.

When your orthodontist fits your teeth with metal braces and brackets, it will not hurt. You may experience some mild discomfort in the days after getting your braces. This is simply your mouth getting used to having them there. With everything from invisible aligners to traditional metal braces, there’s something for you at ARCH Orthodontics. Whatever you choose, take comfort in knowing you’re on your way to straighter smile.

  1. Ask questions and understand your treatment.

The more you know about having braces put on your teeth, the less scary it will be. We’ll make sure you know what to expect every step of the way throughout treatment. If you understand what’s going to occur, then you’re more likely to complete treatment without issue. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions about your concerns. We’re happy to take as long as you need to find the right fit for you.

  1. Choose the right doctor.

We’re not saying you have to love your orthodontist, but you need to trust their experience and education. You’ll find the right doctor has a way of putting your fears at ease, making treatment pain-free. If you’re a parent considering braces for your child, choose an orthodontist who works with kids. If you’re considering braces for your own smile, make sure your orthodontist has adult patients. ARCH Orthodontics has patients of all ages, so we understand what it’s like to get smiles healthy at any age. Read reviews too! You can see what current and past patients have to say!

  1. Don’t be afraid of the cost.

This may be our final tip, but it’s usually a #1 concern for so many patients and parents looking for orthodontic care. It’s important to find an office that you feel comfortable with. Most places take insurance and offer affordable payment options. At ARCH, we work with everyone to create a treatment plan that works for you and your budget. We never want someone to worry about fees or financials.

It’s OK to have anxiety or a little fear of getting orthodontic care. But the best way to overcome any uneasy feeling is to talk to an orthodontist you can trust. ARCH Orthodontics can help you learn more about your smile, your orthodontic solutions, and your treatment time frame. Contact one of our nine orthodontic offices in Stoughton, Bridgewater, Brockton, Canton, Hyannis, Hyde Park, Orleans, Randolph, and Westwood. We’d love to get you set up for an appointment and talk with you at a consultation!