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Dr. Angeline Chan

Dr. Angeline Chan, who earned her DDS at the New York University College of Dentistry and completed her Orthodontic Residency at the Boston University School of Dental Medicine, has joined the staff of ARCH Orthodontics.

Making the announcement was Dr. Andrew Chase, principal of ARCH that operates nine offices between Boston and Orleans on Cape Cod. He says patients appreciate Dr. Chan’s compassionate and meticulous approach to orthodontic care.

She is excited to join because ARCH has the best reputation in the area for quality Orthodontic treatment and patient satisfaction.

Dr. Chan, adept with a range of leading-edge, high tech Orthodontic techniques and treatments, is working with patients primarily at ARCH’s offices in Brockton (348 N. Pearl Street, Rte. 27), and Randolph (4 Frank Leary Way near Randolph High).

She says, “It is my privilege to treat my patients. My mission is to create smiles that give my patients beauty, health, and confidence to last a lifetime.”

Dr. Chan, who earned her BS degree in Zoology at the University of Wisconsin, has earned several honors including NYUCD Dental Dean’s Merit Scholarship; the OKU National Dental Honor Society Induction; and the NYUCD Implant Honors Program. She is a devoted wife and mother of two daughters and enjoys spending time with family, music, and travel.

One new ARCH technology is remote Dental Monitoring (DM) combined with Invisalign. With DM, a 3D teeth model with photos and measurements sent via smartphone enables the Orthodontist to track aligner progress. Always under the supervision of your Orthodontist. DM lets patients reduce the number of office visits while allowing the Orthodontist to better track teeth movement, hasten progress, and bring higher quality results. Dr. Chase emphasizes that Dental Monitoring should never be confused with Do-It-Yourself (DIY or DTC) treatments: “Your Orthodontist must remain in total control and oversight. Changing teeth positions is serious business.

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Call Now: 1(800) 287-6453!