Invisalign & Invisalign Teen

The Benefits Are Clear

5 Times Invisalign Saved The Day

We all know orthodontic treatment can have some awesome results – but sometimes, getting to those results can be a little tough. Let’s be honest, there are moments in life when it’s just not convenient to have a mouth full of metal. That’s when Invisalign (or Invisalign Teen, for younger patients) becomes your best friend. For example…

1. The Fourth of July

Everyone’s favorite picnic day, right? Ribs, corn on the cob, and those delicious, icy-cold red, white, and blue popsicles! When it’s time to make your way through the buffet line, Invisalign trays can be popped right out of your mouth and placed temporarily in their case while you chow down. There’s no need to worry about breaking brackets or getting food stuck in a wire. Just be sure to wear your aligners again as soon as the meal is over.

2. Flossing Before Bed

Because you’re flossing every day…right? Invisalign makes flossing and brushing a breeze. There are no wires to weave floss through, and no brackets to brush around. Just take out the aligners for a few minutes and clean your teeth as usual.

3. Movie Nights

Yes, the snack struggle is real. Popcorn and gummy candy, those staples of a solid cinematic adventure, are a metal-braces-wearer’s worst nightmare. Once again, the ability to simply take out those trays for a few minutes is life-changing.

4. Your First Kiss

Need we say more?

And last, but not least…

5. Yearbook Photo Day

These are the memories that will last a lifetime – and the pictures that will be in the slideshow at your 10-year reunion. Similar rules apply for weddings, holidays, birthday parties, and family vacations. The camera always comes out. With Invisalign, you can let your natural smile shine for posterity. Say cheese!

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