5 Foods to Help with Pediatric Dental Health

foods for pediatric dental healthOn top of regular brushing and flossing, dental check-ups, and avoiding sugary candy, there are several additional ways to help your kids improve their dental health. One of the best ways to to not only keep your child healthy but also improve their dental health is through a balanced diet. That’s what we like to call a win-win! These are the top 5 foods to help with pediatric dental health.


A great is a great source of iron and antioxidants, which are always needed in everyone’s diet! When it comes to dental health, spinach is full of beta-carotene, which is great for strengthening enamel, which strengthens the teeth.


Through the process of biting and chewing this crunchy snack, your child will be able to help remove some of the plaque build up on the teeth. Is your child not a fan of apples? Try carrots or celery! They work in the same way.


Full of omega-3, fish (and more specifically, salmon) are great for your child’s health! They are also filled with Vitamin D which helps keep the teeth and jawbones strong.


Oranges are filled with Vitamin C and will help fight off scurvy, which can cause swollen and bleeding gums.


Yogurt is filled with calcium which is essential for healthy teeth. By adding berries, granola, and other toppings, it makes the snack a little more fun for kids.

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