5 Benefits of Preventative Pediatric Dentistry

When it comes to the health of your child, preventative care can avoid any illness, injury, or any long-term health problems in the future. While bringing your child for their yearly check-up at the doctors, getting their flu shot, applying sunscreen, and eating vegetables are all ways to nourish your child and protect them, don’t forget about oral health! Through preventative pediatric dentistry, you’re able to keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy and help prevent any cavities.

Benefit #1: A Healthy Smile

Preventative dentistry can help avoid cavities, tooth rot, and stains, ensuring your child is having and confident in their smile even as adults.

Benefit #2: Better Nutrition

A lack of preventative pediatric dentistry can result in tooth decay and cavities which can cause toothaches and severe pain, which can make eating difficult. This will not only deter your child from eating their favorite foods but it can also lead to nutrient deficiency.

Benefit #3: Protects Against Restorative Dental Work

Let’s be honest – Your child is not going to be happy when they have to visit the dentist more than normal for restorative dental work and you won’t be either. By visiting the dentist twice per year for preventative care, your child will be better protected against restorative dental work since their dentist will be able to address any issues before they become large problems.

Benefit #4: Normal Speech Development

As your child’s teeth grow and form, their speech development will be affected. To support normal speech development, it’s crucial to schedule the first dentist appointment around your child’s second birthday to ensure normal development.

Benefit #5: Improve General Health

Your child’s overall health and oral health go hand in hand. By keeping up with oral hygiene, brushing, and flossing, you can protect your child against diabetes and heart disease.

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