4 Reasons Adults Should Consider Braces from ARCH Orthodontics

woman with bracesFinally getting a straight smile and moving forward with orthodontic treatment as an adult is about more than just wearing braces – it’s about boosting your self-confidence and getting the care you deserve.

You’ll get better results when you schedule a no-hassle consult with any of the friendly orthodontists at ARCH Orthodontics in the Greater Boston area. That’s how you can feel comfortable knowing your smile is capable of a complete transformation – or at least on its way to becoming healthy and straight.

But as anyone who’s ever tried straighten their smile with adult braces can tell you, it isn’t always simple and affordable.

Sometimes you need a little more information from a friendly team you can trust to help you on your way. That’s why so many adults like you choose the orthodontic team at ARCH Orthodontics for adult braces and comfortable teeth straightening solutions.

So here are four reasons that adult braces from ARCH Orthodontics can create your clear path to a straight smile and self-assurance.

1. Teeth Can Move at Any Age

So you may think you’re too old to get braces or straighten your teeth with Invisalign. But your ARCH Orthodontist will tell you that’s truly not the case. There’s no limit as to what age teeth will no longer shift. They will respond to orthodontic treatment at any age, so that’s no excuse not to consider straightening your smile. Did you know that teeth can also move on their own or naturally as we age? It could be due to a facial injury or accident, jaw growth, or an underlying medical condition.

Ask any of the ARCH orthodontists, and they will tell you that one of the biggest reasons adults want to fix their teeth stems from having braces in the past, but their teeth have become cooked again over time. Usually, it’s because they no longer wear a removable retainer. Did you know the American Board of Orthodontics suggests adult patients where a part-time retainer for the rest of their life post-treatment?

Fun Fact: Actor Danny Glover was 59, and actress Faye Dunaway was 61 when they got braces.

2. Metal Braces Aren’t Your Only Option

It’s no secret that the thought of having a mouthful of metal braces as an adult is anything but appealing. It can affect your self-esteem and how you interact with people both personally and professionally. Maybe you know because you’ve had a kid get braces from ARCH, but there have been so many advancements to orthodontics over the years that there’s a solution that will work for your smile and your budget

The brackets and materials we use are more compact and don’t always require rubber bands and bulky support materials. You may also be a candidate for lingual braces from ARCH Orthodontics. They’re comfortable metal braces that attach to the back of your teeth, so no one knows you’re wearing them. Invisalign clear aligners are also an excellent, extremely popular teeth straightening option that are removable and invisible.

Forget about the braces of the past. Today’s orthodontic options take less time and less money.

3. Your Medical or Dental Insurance Might Help You Pay for Braces

It’s not uncommon for an adult patient at ARCH to tell us that they needed orthodontic treatment at a young age, but their family simply could not afford it. Now that your older – times and technology have changed and there are so many dental and medical insurances that will partially cover your care. ARCH has a team of savvy financial coordinators that will evaluate all your coverage options. We even have a affordable in-house financing and other discounts available.  We will help you make the most of your money so that your smile gets straight without breaking your budget.

4. The Rest of Your Body Benefits from Braces

Did you know that a straight smile could have a huge impact on the rest of your body too? It’s true! If you don’t correct a bad bite, it could cause uncomfortable headaches, irritating jaw pain, stomach problems (because you’re not chewing food thoroughly), earaches, TMD, tooth decay and loss, and more. You’re mouth and teeth are connected to the rest of your body, so it’s important to take care of your smile so that you’re healthy and happy for a lifetime.

Think you’re too old to talk braces with us? Think again. A study from the American Association of Orthodontists suggests that patients ranging in age from 60 to 80 are opting for orthodontic treatment.

Do you have questions or concerns about getting braces as an adult? Are you wondering what treatment options would work best for your smile? The best way to find answers and feel comfortable about braces is to schedule a no-obligation consultation one of ARCH Orthodontics nine locations in Greater Boston and Cape Cod. We’ve got convenient, state-of-the-art offices located in Brockton, Canton, Hyannis, Bridgewater, Hyde Park, Orleans, Randolph, Stoughton and Westwood.

Now’s the time to invest in yourself and your smile. Let us show you why!