5 Benefits of Preventative Pediatric Dentistry

When it comes to the health of your child, preventative care can avoid any illness, injury, or any long-term health problems in the future. While bringing your child for their yearly check-up at the doctors, getting their flu shot, applying sunscreen, and eating vegetables are all ways to nourish your child and protect them, don’t […]

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Remote Orthodontic Treatment

And Now: Remote Orthodontic treatment! Saves Time, Improves Outcomes, Cuts Office Visits (Issued Fall/Winter 2019) – For years, 51-year-old Lisa Spencer of EAch Harwich, Mass. was concerned about her crowded teeth for cleaning, dental care issues, and aesthetics. She says, “It was challenging to floss. I finally decided to have my teeth straightened when I had gum […]

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What is Malocclusion?

The Science Behind Your Bite Simply put, malocclusion means “bad bite”. It occurs when your top and bottom teeth are misaligned and fail to come together properly. The end result? Crowded, crooked teeth that can be left more susceptible to gum disease, sleep issues, and even headaches. Unless you’re already an ARCH Orthodontics patient, you […]

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No Need to Go ‘Over the Rainbow’ to Find Great Smiles

“There’s no need to go ‘over the rainbow’ in search of a beautiful new smile when we have nine convenient offices from Boston to Orleans on Cape Cod,” says ARCH Orthodontics’ Dr. Andrew Chase. Shown with her ‘Wizard of Oz’ family is Jennifer Jordon Ford, ARCH’s Marketing Director / Treatment Coordinator. Now in its 46th […]

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