Pediatric Dentist vs. General Dentist

What’s The Difference? When you have a child or multiple children, it’s often exhausting worrying about and finding the very best doctors or healthcare specialists to help them stay healthy and active. While the end decision is always ultimately up to the parents, we can help clear things up and avoid mind-numbing confusion. The easiest […]

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3 Reasons Why Men Need A Straight Smile

Guys who are on the fence about getting braces as adults need to know it’s definitely about more than just having straight teeth. It’s about living your best (most productive) years with a uniquely attractive self-confidence that only comes from a straight smile. You’ll get better results when you talk to your ARCH orthodontist in […]

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Experts Say You Can Protect Your Teeth by Reducing Your Stress

(Issued Summer 2018)  — Stress can damage your teeth. Really. A poll conducted by the American Psychiatric Association found that, for a range of reasons, 40% of Americans admit to a higher anxiety level today than they had a year ago. And while stress and anxiety can impact many aspects of your life, Dr. Andrew […]

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